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Speeding through the Days

Whew! Okay, so a recap of Christmas and this weekend...GO!

Christmas was good; the roads by 10:30am had cleared and after a few miles of careful driving I cruised the rest of the way to my family's place at about 50-70 mph.  Not bad!  We had lunch since I missed breakfast, then opened presents and watched movies.  I have to say, I rock at gift giving; it's the best part of Christmas for me.  I have low expectations for the gifts I receive because it seems that even when I give my mother a list she gets stuff that's not on it and likes to ignore the bold, underlined, italicized and circled stuff.

I got what I wanted most: a new camera.  It's a Kodack, while I'm not crazy about, but I never said anything other than I wanted one and I'm just happy to have it! And it's blue!!!  Thanks to that, I will now proceed to document everything else with pictures.

I swung by my friend Amanda's place and played some games with her family Christmas night before going home and crashing.

Saturday I put together and figured out my presents.  First up was my laptop table.  I'm not sure how useful it's going to be, but I'm sure that it will be infinitely helpful for writing and stuff later on, just not to use at my couch.

I also got to enjoy my yearly chocolate pie my grandmother makes me. It's sort of one of the highlights of the season every year.

I watched The Muskateer as well during all of this and I think I've seen the whole thing before - but never all at once.  I seem to recall something about when it came out about the person who did all the fighting choreography did a big named oriental movie - which it was kinda obvious.  It was an alright movie, but if I'm going to watch a Three Musketeers movie, I'll take the '93 version please!

At some point all of this was done with and two of my friends came over and we all went to go see my life long friend, Levi Weaver, play at Ridglea Theater.  It was super fun because Jenny & Tyler opened for him and the other opening acts were all super good as well.  I felt bad because Levi was really sick and it was kinda obvious, but hopefully he gets better.  Here's some pictures!
This was the first opener guy. He was good!

Jenny & Tyler!

 These are all of Levi and one of Levi and his friend Aaron Long.  All great, amazing musicians!

Today, Sunday, has been a semi relaxing day. Had lunch with a friend and then went shopping with another.  Got some super fun stuff; yes, more books and even some knitting stuff! Finished off the night having dinner with Amanda's family and talking and laughing.

Tomorrow I've got to knuckle down and get my place cleaned up, go grocery shopping and just be generally overly domestic.  Hoping to finish V for Vendetta this week even though I haven't read a whole lot of it.  I'd like to be done with it before the 1st.

And now, I sleep!

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