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Post-NaNoWriMo, Pre-Wedding

So this will most likely be short, quick, simple, etc.

Tuesday was a very rough day for me; a lot of stuff happened I was not ready for, I was sort of running around trying to get everything finished or accomplished and left work with my sanity running for the hills!  I was super happy that my lovely Linda came over for a bit and hung out with me; we laughed and told funny stories.  I think we also decided that a craft-in night was necessary!

Having Wednesday off to sleep in a little and do more Christmas prep stuff was perfecto.  I probably - as usual around this time of year - spent too much, but it's always worth it!  I did actually get my darling tree topper, a lovely sparkly thing from Target and a few corresponding ornaments and a nifty garland to really tie the whole ensamble together. I must say, my tree looks hot!  Did a lot of cleaning, decorating and general prep for Sunday - because my party is still on! I think we're at 9 guests...and in my apartment, that's a full house!

We sort of jumped the gun and went Christmas light looking Wednesday night - because it was a fun way to hang out and chill and whatnot.  I think I went to bed around 1am - way later than I wanted to, but oh well!

Today was a comedy of errors.  My car was blocked in, thus preventing the origional plan for an early escape.  Instead I did some laundry, did stuff - and then the exterminator walked into my apartment... I was not really appropriately dressed for that sort of thing, but with a hoody I was great! He then proceeds to tell me my Chinchillas need to be out of the apartment for an hour because of the stuff he's spraying. Great. This delayed me yet even more! Finally, after all of the mess, I leave - only to get stuck in an hours worth of traffic seven miles from my apartment. Ug!

Finally got here; we've decorated for the reception, and are now doing other odds and ends and it's 8pm, and I'm already ready for bed!  Like seriously, I could crawl in right now and crash hard!!  I think we'll sleep soon - maybe after a movie or a snack run - or something.

Tomorrow we'll do our nails *sigh* I might be getting a fakie set because I have no nails to polish and paint.  Hopefully something plain and super short that will come off easy later!  Reception is like at 11am, then lunch then the nails I believe....then who knows? I'm sure there's a billion things for us to do!!!!!

I have yet to write anything else, really. I've thought about it, opened up my documents and my brain flat-lines.  I really want to finish Premonition, but it's just not in me right now.  I'm hoping after this weekend, probably sometime late next week when I've recuperated from the wedding and my own party that I will jump back in with excitement about it all and write, write, write!  I really want to, I really do - I just feel like someone who has strained their muscles too much and they need to rest.

And on that note, I will lay on this couch and stare into nothingness, and eat some Junior Mints.

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Anonymous said...

Get french tips, they're super classy and very pretty :D and go with ANYTHING :)

have fun this weekend <3

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