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Post-Party Reelings

Oh my - I throw a good party apparently. I got up yesterday very early to bake four sheets of cookies and stick the brisket in the oven so it could cook for eight whole hours.  Yes, you heard me right, eight hours.  My beer battered brisket consisted of one can of bud light, half a cup brown sugar, half a cup chili powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper and one red onion.  My ten pound slab of meat cooked for eight hours at 250F, in hindsight I think it should have been done on 225, but oh well - what can you do now?  I spent all day cleaning and doing piddly things, even when Kyle arrived and we made a quick store run.  People got to my place around 5 and I think that's when everyone's sanity went out the window.  Kyle and I seemed to stick to the kitchen where at 5;30 we pulled the meat out of the oven and started cutting it into thick pieces; should I cook brisket again I will invest in an electric knife.  In the process of getting food out we broke Amanda's moms' crock pot in half, yes - in half. Something about putting it on a hot burner didn't go so well - so now I need to replace that.  Oopse!  Courtney broke a wine bottle - and I believe that's all the super drama for the night.

The food was good; the brisket only a tad bit more tough than I would have preferred, but oh well - it was far better than some I've eaten before!

As soon as the food things were cleared away - out came the cards.  I think we played Uno for hours; we had one game that simply would not end and we were yelling at eachother, threatening and generally being so loud I just knew my neighbors were going to show up any second to yell at us.  That never happened and the party lasted until 11:30 when everyone finally went home.

I really do have some awesome friends; I was amazed by the generosity of my friends - I got a set of Stars tickets, a B&N gift card, a yummie smelling candle, this super fun story telling card game, an awesome jump drive and I know I'm missing something, but it was all so awesome and I am touched by how thoughtful everyone is.  Hopefully we can do something similar again, but first I need to recover from THIS party. 

Really I wish I would have gone right to sleep last night, but I laid awake for most of it, tossing and turning, unsuccessfully sleeping so I'm very much tired today, but hopefully tonight I can really crash.  My parents are coming to take me out to eat tonight, so I'm looking forward to that - and giving them some brisket to take home because there's a lot left over.  Next time I'll cut it in half and save myself some trouble.  I'm sure I'll do a great deal of cleaning and taking out the trash tonight. My apartment needs it!

Right - blogs...in quick, no particular order....

Writing Excuses has a new episode up on gender roles; listened to it once, going to go through again this afternoon. Love listening to these guys!  Paperback Writer has a whole list of Christmas themed stuff on her blog; I wanna go back later and click through it!!  Fuel Your Writing is interesting - they have an article up on various Self Editing methods.  I'm such a girl; I don't care really about the whole Harlequin debacle, but it makes for great drama to read about and the Writer Beware Blog keeps delivering on the latest news!  I really adore The Inkwell Bookstore, but they blog about twice as much as I do so I'm limiting myself to one of their posts; this one is about Amazon opening a physical store!  I recently discovered Plot to Punctuation and their fourth installment of the NaNoWriMo series is up; honestly it's too soon for me to think about revising my NaNoWriMo as I still have yet to finish Premonition.  Doesn't mean I'm not itching to edit up Suspicion, but one project at a time, please and thank you!  Lastly, Nathan Bransford has a new blog layout that includes a forum section that I find awesome - check it out!

Right - back to work - lunch is over!

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