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Gray Matter Mumblings

I do intend to take something of a break AS SOON AS I FINISH PREMONITION!!!  Really.  I have some great ideas inside my head, but I need to let my gray matter turn solid again.  I want to knit!  I want to read this book that was suggested to me several times over that I FINALLY bought today on Amazon - Stephen King's On Writing.  Familiar with it? I've heard both good and bad things, but as I was listening to Writing Excuses and they suggested it, I just bout it.

Well yesterday was our last Monday-Nighters write-in at LM and I'm very sad to see it go.  I really liked meeting up with Linda and Lynne' each week and writing and all of the...odd things we'd talk about.  We all three hit our goals last night, me eeking it out shortly before the restaurant closed and celebrated by buying us chocolate tourt cake something or other. I was ready to go to bed early...and then couldn't sleep. I wound up picking up some knitting - only to realize I must have been on crack when I started this scarf.  It started out probably between 15 & 20 stitches, and widened to 26 - so I had to do the painful thing of completely ripping the whole thing to pieces, rerolling the yarn and starting over.  It's super soft, angel hair green stuff that fits our company's green super well and will - eventually - be a scarf for my co-worker.

So today starts the mad dash for Danielle's wedding.  I have GOT to put the hem in my dress, drop it at a dry cleaner, and start organizing stuff.  I'm supposed to go to the critique group tonight but I'm wondering if I shouldn't skip it in favor of cleaning and finishing the dress and the billion other things I really need to do.  I got ----

I need to pay bills!

Okay - now where was I?  Other things I need to do! I got roped into hosting a Christmas/TGIO/Birthday party, and I'm warming up to the idea - but it also means in depth cleaning and preparation for a party the day after Danielle's wedding.  I will survive, I swear!  And I've completely lost my train of thought.

Okay, I'm going to move my other blog or article references to the end of a my blogs.  With that said......

So poor choices are not just limited to Wall Street; Jane from Dystel & Goderich Literary Management discusses some of the frivolous things book agencies do.  I really, really, really like reading Nathan Bransford's blog; he usually has some really awesome thoughts and ideas and sees things from both sides.  He just posted a blog about taking critique letters and how best to respond to them; as I'm thinking about revising Suspicion it's really good to take these ideas to heart because I'll be facing critique group - eventually.  For now, as of Tuesday night, I'll just be observing and probably sitting on the sidelines plugging away still until I finish Premonition

There are a lot of blogs I'm hearing about that have nuggets of interesting stuff to say about revision, I should put those all together at some point, and print them out.  I'm still going to go back to Gail Carson Levine's blog Do Over when I start revising; it was a great blog, very inspirational and upbeat.  Today Inky Girl twittered Brian Yansky's blog on Seeing Your Mistakes; not anything super long or how-to, but a nice, brief read and encouraging.  Inky Girl really dishes out good resources and in the theme of revision, here's a back-blog from Paperback Writer blogger, Sheila Kelly on revision.  

I continue to love The Inkwell Bookstore blog for all of the random, fun, interesting stuff they post.  Their blog, Tuesdays' Tips for Flailing Writers is rich with links and stuff!  (One of them, Why Writing Rubbish is Productive, references NaNoWriMo.)  I'm still looking through it so it's really interesting and whatnot.  Check it out!

Back to work I go!!!!

4 thoughts:

Alicia said...

You know we can put off the party until after you've rested up. We can do it the following weekend or something. It's not deathly important that it happen asap. If you need a breather, you really should take it.

Cid said...

....you don't know me very well, lol. I'm set on having it THAT weekend - don't ask me why, and I'm really not superly stressed about it anymore and I think it's a good thing. I'm just having another crazy day. Tomorrow will do me mucho goodness!

Elizabeth said...

I've got a copy of On Writing, and it's interesting. It is less about how to write and more about how to be a writer, which is a topic not covered by most writing books, I think.

And I'm glad to hear that you met your goals! Good luck getting through the next couple of weeks.

Cid said...

Honestly, if I can make it through this next weekend, I think I just might be able to do anything :P

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