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Pseudo Loneliness?

I spent the entire weekend around people.  Saturday I did family things all day long.  Sunday I went shopping.  I was around people.  I was with family and friends and I had a great time.

Today I'm having social withdrawl.

While sitting at work I started throwing myself a little lonely person pity party.  After an exchange with an old college friend I was feeling a little blue, and truth be told a little jealous of how their life has turned out.  I'm in my mid-20's, single, not working in a field I am educated in, and lets face it: I'm different.

I started in on the whole, no-one-gets-me, blues.  Truth is almost everyone wants to be feel some human connection.  We want to know and be known.  Why do you think social media is so popular?  It lets us connect with people when we may not be able to overcome social phobias or shyness.

The truth is that we all think we're special.  We think we're the only ones who feel disconnected or alone or [insert state of being here].  The truth is that we all feel those things.  I do.  You do.  Your neighbor probably does as well. 

How do you solve or combat this feeling of loneliness or feeling like you don't belong?  Reach out to someone and connect.  People don't know you need them unless you let them know.  I do my best as a friend to reach out when I can, but I'm one person.

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