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Gaining traction, or at least plotting out the best route....

I don't think my lack-of-motivation streak is at an end.  In fact, I think it's dug in hard and doesn't wan to leave, but I'm tired of my apartment looking a bit cluttered and messy.  I don't think my friends really mind, I mean they come over willingly enough, but it's bothering me.  I didn't get any of the desired cleaning done yesterday because I got frusterated with my other website and started hand updating files.  It took two hours and it didn't fix the problem I was having.  I think I'm at the point where I'm just going to pay someone to fix it.

But!  But I have been successful about getting some things done.  I've written a lot recently, in fact more consistently and with more gusto than I have since I finished Abs.  That is encouraging!

So, I'm going to look for small steps this week.  I want to tidy up the apartment and go to bellydancing on Saturday morning.  I've been putting off going back to classes for, well, I don't know why, but I have and I will be going Saturday because I just will!  I think I'm going to only go once a month until I'm back into a routine and then kick it up to twice a week again.

I'm going to try to keep my dishes under control, and be a bit more tidy with my laundry.  Those are my goals for the forseeable future.  Start small, right?  Well this is small enough.  Little steps create habits, and making them good habits is kind of the focus I need right now, so there you go.

Tonight I really need to take out the trash and clean the Chinchilla cage and go grocery shopping.  I'm going out to lunch because I didn't have anything else to bring with me to work to eat - even for breakfast.  If I can squeeze in putting away my laundry I'll be thrilled and try to tackle the clutter in the livingroom tomorrow.

I'm hoping to start using the WiiFit again as I watch back seasons of Dr Who since it's on the Netflix Watch Instantly.

All in all, it's a start!

Got Motivation?

I'm making up my own knitting pattern.  Yes, you heard me right, I'm coming up with my own set of stitches.  I think I've figured out what I want to do with it so far, so now it's just a matter of knitting it to length, but I'm hopeful.  Thankfully the point of the pattern is to be rather holey and messy and not quite perfect; it's a very forgiving pattern so far.  When I have more than a few inches to show for it I will post some pictures, but for now it looks like a black rectangle with stylized holes in it.  Not much to look at.

So it seems I'm having an issue with lack of discipline.  Not surprising; I was never very disciplined before I went to college and it took me a year or so to figure out how to not drown in my classes, but then I cracked the whip and got through it.  Somewhere in the last year my discipline has crumbled.  I stay up late, I skid into work just in time, I put off finishing my laudry or dishes, and I really would rather not clean.  I'm lazy - which has always been one of my biggest vices - but mostly I've been able to hem myself in.  Lately I've lost even that ability.

If it didn't affect my life - like the things I want to be able to do - I doubt I would be upset about it.  But I can't really write or knit much when I'm exhausted from having stayed up two nights in a row until the wee hours of the morning because I didn't feel like going to bed just quite yet.  I'm not sure what I need to do to motivate myself more, but it needs to happen.

Mostly because I want to finish my Dr Horrible Wristies and finish writing this book, but getting other stuff done too would be nice.

Knitting Frenzy

Okay, so Alice and I have been hitting the idea back and forth like a never-ending game of ping pong about how we needed to get together and knit - and then there was the other conversation about doing a Harry Potter marathon since I've seen only a few of the movies in their entirety and another one in bits and pieces.  Well, yesterday was devoted to knitting - and Harry Potter.  Yup.

My goal for a while has been to knit a pair of fingerless gloves.  I want a pair.  I want to make a pair.  So after lots of digging around, Alice found this pair of wristies that were inspired by Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog.  They used to be up on Ravelry and on Knerdy Knitting, but the site went down or expired.  Through some very impressive creative thinking on a friend of ours, we discovered that we could access the pattern through google's chache.  So, if you're interested, h e r e is a link to that pattern.

The wristies I made are a little different.  For one, my thumb hole isn't comfortable at all.  If I make another pair of these I'll have to experiment.  I also made the button track wider, and after I discovered I had no idea how to actually make the button holes, I just knitted a solid track and sewed the wristies together and will add buttons once I find some better suited to the jewel tone colors.  I have one almost completed wristie that's just missing buttons.

I've also completed another book cozie.  This one was going to be for me, but I ended up hating the way the self-striping yarn patterend on the book, so I'll be giving it away with a future book giveaway on Book Addicts.  Stay tuned!

This morning I started experimenting with an idea I hatched for a pattern for fingerless gloves, so I'll have to report back on how that's working, but later - because I need to do a lot of writing since I took yesterday off to watch Harry Potter and knit.

Hmm, I'm kinda tardy.

I swear I'm going to blog more this week.....

Staycation Update

So I'm sitting in a Starbucks in Longview, out in east Texas, just hanging out until a reasonable time for me to head over to the country club for my brothers wedding.  This is day three of my staycation - no I don't care that it's a Saturday!

So far it's been all about the reading and revisions.  Thursday I think I finished reading Married with Zombies, did a bunch of writing and revising, read an ebook called Until Emie and read Blameless.  Yeah, I read a lot!!  Friday I got up and finished reading Never Trust a Rogue before putting in some serious revision time on MPG and then heading off for a quick B&N trip before the Writer's Date Night.  We're trying it out on Friday nights for a few weeks, but I don't think it's going to work.  There just isn't a night for everyone to get together that doesn't conflict with anything else, so we're going to have to make a group decision about what we want to do.  It's going to suck because any way we hatch this egg someone is going to get left out.  Boo. 

Today I slept in on accident and missed dance class - again.  I haven't been in like two or three weeks.  Ug.  I'm a dance failure!!!  Hopefully after this weekend and the whole crazy trip for the wedding I'll be back on track and doing stuff normal like.

And my brother just surprised me at Starbucks.  Awe.  I'm supposed to meet everyone over at the country club in like half an hour.  I'll get snazzied up over there and meet everyone.  Tonight promises to be really interesting.

End of August Check-In!

Okay, so I'm a *little* late with this - gimme a break!!!

Random Goals

Eat more fresh produce - um, I really try to eat apple slices, but this goal is becoming more and more impossible.  *sigh*

Do something daily - I've been pretty good about this during August.  Between dancing twice a week and using the Wii while I watch tv, I'm not just sitting around all day.

Reading Goals

Read all the Robin McKinley books - I reread Deerskin this month and remembered all of the reasons why that was such an awesome book.

Read something in a genre I'm not accustomed to reading - I read my first erotic romance book this month.  It was purely by accident.  All I knew was that there were dragon shape shifters in it, so I thought: why the heck not?  Four chapters in I was all: What the heck am I reading?  It was unfortunately a book I spent the whole time laughing at....

Act on more book suggestions; at least four - I've blown this out of the water.

Crafty Goals

Learn three new knitting things - I've been making book cozies.... Speaking of, I probably need to start a new one!

So, okay not a whole lot to say for myself this month.  I've been reading - a lot - and getting ready for the convention that was this past weekend.  This next month will be all about revising and hammering out world building issues on MPG.  Also, really starting to look forward to NaNoWriMo 2010!!!!!!

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