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It should NOT be this cold in Texas in DECEMBER

Really. It's far too cold; it's in the low 20's. This morning when I got in my car, I backed out and slid.  Apparently the water main broke or something, coating the whole drive in ice and I slipped all the way out to the drive way.  I very nearly called into work for the morning because that was crazy.  I also need to go get my tired rotated and aired up and stuff.  All this cold air is giving me low pressure notifications.

And I'm spending so much time away from home.  I haven't been able to get the Wii hooked up; I need to unbolt my TV in order to hook it up, but that requires another set of hands... My friend said he would come over tomorrow and help me put it together AND a new episode of The Office is on.  I'm looking forward to that.

I'm far too busy; looking forward to a weekend - At Home.  I didn't go to church tonight because I don't feel just amazing. It's so cold!  Tomorrow night should be a home night, but I don't know how many people, if any are coming over.  Friday night I plan on having it be a movie night and lots of sleeeeeeeeeeep.  Yes, I want to be uninteresting!

4 thoughts:

pamela said...

ok like seriously i want to hang out with you. you seem so fun! how old are you? LOL you dont seem older than me :)

Cid said...

*has to think about it*
I'm 25!!!
I've been told I'm fun.....

VampireSmitten said...

see youre not much older! youre only like *THREE* years older than me! When the holidays are over we should hang out and we can play on your wii. Im getting this JUST DANCE video game which sounds pretty neat.

What say you?

Cid said...

Sounds like a plan! I'm eying some of those dancing games myself because they look like fun - and I could see myself doing those!!

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