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Christmas Makes Me Want Babies

So I think my body finally revolted against me for this last month and some change; I took some medicine Thursday to chase my headacheyness away and the general ickyness was easy enough to ignore with people here.  Between getting off work, running to have my tires rotated and aired, snagging some "necessary" Wii accessories at Best Buy and having people over for The Office ritual and hooking up the Wii - I was rather distracted.  It was super fun, don't get me wrong, but at around 11pm I realized I was not feeling up to anything and when people left I laid on the couch, fully intending to fall asleep right there - but the pounding in my head and the prevailing icky feeling won over and kept me awake until around 4am.  I amused myself by dying repetitively at the Wii Mario game that apparently just came out.  I am terrible at video games, but it's entertaining enough.

I slept until around noon on Friday after calling in just because the lack of sleep and general sickyickyness was bad and sort of slugged around.  The dishes are almost, almost done from the party on Sunday.  I finally finished them up today - today being Sunday again.  Yeah.

Friday not a lot happened; I believe Alicia came over and we watched movies, played Wii and I wrapped presents and did a little bit of stuff - but not a whole lot really. Saturday was a good shopping day, the last bit of shopping got wrapped up today and I think except for the book club gift I'm done.  Yesterday Alicia went with me to church and then we went over to Amanda's house and played Gin Rummy for like ever; it was a lot of fun and I got to pick up some Chicken Express on the way and give Amanda's mom her new crock pot to replace the one we destroyed at my party. That's not a story I'm sharing for self preservation reasons!

Today has been good; I made myself get up before noon, did the last bit of holiday shopping, got some stuff for myself - as is usual in December - and now I'm home and have sucessfully cleaned the Chin cage, taken out one load of trash, and have the presents laid out on my floor for wrapping.  Home Team is next on the list and then we'll see where the day takes me!

And yes, Christmas makes me want to have children to spoil and share in the magic of Christmas; I really do like giving presents and making other people happy during the holidays.

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