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The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

So while my brother was in town on Saturday - we went shopping. We always go shopping. In the check out line at TJ Maxx, I saw this book.  Now I knew there was a movie coming out with the same title, I had little idea that it was based off of a book but it didn't surprise me.  Snagging it off of the rack for about $5 I just got it, thinking I'd add it to my to-read shelf.  After my brother said he wanted to read it I decided I'd better read it awfully quick, well, I have two weeks before he's back, which is totally doable - except for my procrastination ability.

I picked up the book Saturday around midnight thinking I'd eek through a chapter or two and go to bed. I read until 4am.  I had to pry the book out of my fingers - at 4am.  I wanted to continue to read, just keep going until the book was done!  I read for about an hour Sunday afternoon and then after Amanda left I read from about 10pm until 11:59. Do you know what that means?

I read the entire book in literally 24 hours. LoL.

I was really surprised by the book, truth be told, because when I read the first two pages I wanted to roll my eyes at the idea of a twelve year old half-blood godling, because I started thinking about Harry Potter with the whole chosen-kid-who-does-extraordinary-things-adults-can't-even-do.  That idea lasted through maybe the third chapter before it was abandoned.

It is a young adultish teen book, clearly targeted at kids, so some of the aspects of character fit that genre so I won't go off about how most kids won't walk into a strange hotel and accept the proverbial candy-from-a-stranger in this day and age.  The story, the plot, the characters were all so very well thought out and as far as my sleep deprived mind could tell they stay true to form.  The plot even took me until the second half of the book to figure out! That doesn't happen with most books in this type of genre, so I was very excited about reading it!  I loved that the world of the Greek gods was translated into modern, westernized civilization.  I can't wait to run to Half Priced Books and look for the next book - I'm even excited that it's a series! And I am looking forward to the movie.

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