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About Me

If you've come here, I'm going to assume you really want to know about me.  Or maybe you're a stalker.  Either way, this is me telling you about me.  

Grew up traveling to rodeos with my parents. Some kids want to be cowboys when they grow up - I lived that.  My dad was a World Champion calf roper & team roper.  My mom was the founder of the All American Trick Riders*, and she did Roman Riding**.  For the first ten years of my life I lived like a nomad; I rarely attended a school to full term and thought it weird that no one else traveled like we did.  I was crazy and friendly and often the only girl in a pack of rodeo kids.  A lot of kids want ponies when they're younger; a horse was often times my only toy.  Don't pity me! This fostered my sense of imagination.  I didn't get to play with fancy toys, I made stuff up with my friends.  We'd play cowboys and indians or raiders of the lost ark and we had a blast!  Yes, there are many pop cultural things that don't make sense to me because I missed out on them as a kid, but I'm okay with that.

Eventually we all settled down and for a few years I had a nice, normal life.  I did horse shows and lots of hunter jumper events. 

It was about this time that I was published in a school anthology of anti-drug poetry.  I don't think I've ever seen the book, and I only remember that the poem was melodramatic and remorseful.  Poetry has never been my strong point, but I'll always remember being shocked that I won a poetry contest!

When I was sixteen I decided I was going to go live in Russia for the summer - and I did.  I started my love-affair with Russia then, and it continues to this day.

I've gone across the world thanks to my gypsie feet. I feel sometimes like I've done everything and nothing.

In college I went back to Russia and then to Thailand, with a quick jaunt through Finland; I'm only sorry I didn't get to go to more places. I'd like to travel more someday.

During my college days I began getting tattoos.  They've grown into more things since then and I'm adding to my 'collection'.  I do not plan on having my whole body covered, just certain bits here and there. I'm a planner when it comes to my body-art.  I have to really want it before i get it; I don't suggest people get stuff just to be 'cool' either.

I'm addicted to learning.  I have four degrees and I'd like to go back to school someday, though it's unnecessary.

Out of school I started playing roller derby.  That lasted for two years before I retired and sort of grew up.  Professionally this reflected my job better because the injuries didn't make me a good worker.  I played for the Dallas Derby Devils on the Suicide Shifters.  My name was Sick Cid Six Slinger, and my number was Ka-Pow. Seriously.

Now I pretend to be a writer.   I read.  I do things.  I want to do more with my life.  I want to show people places and things they've never seen.  I want to help people.  I'd like to work with orphans and teenagers again someday, because I think they have a special place in God's heart.

I'm Christian.  A lot of people don't realize that.  I think it has something to do with the tattoos.  I'm not sure, but I think that God loves all people; yes, there is a narrow path to heaven and the way is littered with good intentions, but there is only one way.  That doesn't mean I don't love and care for people who don't think about things like I do.

I'm ready to write the next chapter of my life, I just have to turn the page....

* Trick Riding is sort of like what you see in the circus.  Person on horseback runs around an arena, hangs, drags, jumps off and on a running horse.  Trick riding done at rodeos is usually faster and more dangerous than what they do at a circus.  The All American Trick Riders were famous for carrying a 50 ft American flag on horseback when they entered the arena.
*Roman Riding is named after the Romans - duh.  But that doesn't tell you much, now does it?  Roman riding is done with two (and sometimes more) horses.  Most of the time the horses have a saddle pad strapped to their backs; this pad has no stirrups, horn, straps or anything.  A person will stand, one foot on each horse, and execute horsemanship skills from their position standing.  My mom did a lot of tricks involving fire; jumping through it twirling it, straddling it, etc.

About Me

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Grew up traveling to rodeos with my parents. I've gone across the world thanks to my gypsie feet. I feel sometimes like I've done everything & nothing. I've played roller derby, traveled parts of the world, have four degrees. I've done some things most people will never do in their lives & still I want to do more. I want to work with orphans & teenagers again. I'm a Christian. I have a lot of tattoos. I like art therefore I want to be art. I love people. I started writing years ago when I was a kid. I think at the time it was an outlet for me; I found escape in my word & the worlds I created. Eventually I just started to like creating stuff & that's when I started sharing it with other people. Now I think I write every day. I want to do NaNoWrMo this year. I'm also learning how to knit. I think I'm on my way to being an eccentric old woman who runs around the world doing silly cazy things and knitting while she does them. Be on your guard I have knitting needles!

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