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Inspiration in the Weirdest Places

I've discovered the three places I get hit by the inspiration train. 

  • In Bed. Either from the thoughts just before I go to sleep, my dreams, or whatever I'm thinking about when I wake up, these thoughts have often lead to a creative gold mine.
  • While Driving. I do a lot of thinking, playing music and mussing through stuff here.  It used to be more pronounced but even now I get a lot of good ideas while driving and thinking and listening to music.
  • In the Shower.  This has been the place to go for the last few weeks.  Don't ask me why, I don't understand it, but I get in the shower, washing my hair, and I'm slammed by ideas.
So yes, maybe I'm strange, but these are where I get a lot of my ideas.  Yesterday I was in the shower thinking about this vampire short story I was writing - and just had this awesome idea.  Okay, I think it's awesome.  Anywyas, I realize that using it will completely take it out of the short story realm and plop it into novel length, but it has potential and could go somewhere, so I'm going to put it on the back burner and plot it out a bit better and go back to working on Premonition in the hopes that I can finish it in January and start editing Suspicion.  I'd really like to get both in some semblance of neatness in the next few months, truth be told!

Last night I went to go see Sherlock Holmes, I think I'll make a semi detailed blog about it that critiques bits of it - overall I thought it was good but I was not in love with it like so many seem to be.

Finished V for Vendetta, will write up a review of it later - I highly suggest reading it!  [edit] Review done!

I'm not sure what to read next; if the book club book came in today I should really start on that, if not the next book in the Olympian series after The Lightning Thief might tempt me to read it.  It's actually not as thick as the first book, so it will probably hold me through the weekend - even with my brother in town!  We'll see what I pick out tonight I guess.

I keep forgetting I have a rabbit at my place now; she makes noises around her cage that my Chins do not and it keeps startling me.  It could be that she's on the opposite side of my apartment's living-room from the chins for temporary quarantine purposes; Chinchillas are rather delicate creatures.  I'm going to run to the store tonight to pick some stuff up for Lady Gray - the rabbit - since she came to me with a cup for water, not a water-bottle, and has special bedding that I don't use considering there's a tray in the bottom of my Chin's cage.

I finished the green scarf I was working on for a belated birthday present for my boss and have since started another homespun one in red for a friend's birthday - which will also be a late present considering she just told me when her birthday was....Ug! Maybe I'll get a lot done tomorrow on it....I can hope, right?

This morning I was late to work - I've been cutting it really close, but this morning I was straight up late.  This is not good. I think I'm going to start forcing myself to go to bed earlier and kick people out of my apartment at 9pm.  I have noticed that I cannot go from having people over to being in bed; I need an unwinding period where I sit down and veg for a bit to get myself to a point where I can actually get in bed; problematic I think.  The only solution I can see is creating a buffer time where people are gone and I'm alone to get stuff done or whatever.  It won't be fun, I know people are going to not be happy about it, but I need to be better on top of things for work; it is what pays my bills after all!

In completely random news: men's razors are by far more awesome than women's.  I heard it said, I doubted it, I tried it, and omg was I wrong! I was paying about $10 for a package of three of those silky razors which did a pretty good job but $10? It hurt me to buy them.  I paid $4 and got six razors and the results are by far much, much better.

Nathan B posts a blog about how even in the book industry - where authors used to be drunken, druged up loons, it's not tolerted anymore - go read No More A-Holes. Plot to Punctuatin wraps up it's 2009 with a list of the Top Character Development Ideas of 2009. Are you a moralist? What do you think about stealing?  Go hit up the Fuse blog about To Borrow or To Steal.

2 thoughts:

Dallas said...

well i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets great idea in the shower! Some of my best ideas for kids church and other things come along while i'm in there.

I agree with the kicking folks out of your apartment by the way. You have your priorities and your true friends will respect that. I know a guy in Waco who opens his apartment to his friends on the weekends and folks will spend all night there. But on the week day it shuts it down and everyone is gone by 10 so he can crash. If not gone then they are crashing too.

Cid said...

Yeah, it was the weirdest way to get an idea last night. I was washing my hair and I had this mental picture of what I will call a Creeper in the book it's intended for, crawling into a shower with the FMC - and from there I puzzled out why the Creeper would be doing that and how would the FMC react and how it could be kept from everyone else. It was a strange way to start the thought process....but I'm not going to fault how good ideas arrive!!!!

I know my closest friends will understand - it's some of the others I know will make a fuss about it. I don't like it; people are important to me, but I need to sleep sometime.


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