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Knitting Inventory

I'm cleaning today. Aren't you impressed?  Anyways, I took a quick inventory of everything knitting I have in these two baskets that fit nicely in my entertainment center.  I discovered a few things I didn't know I had - or that I had started. 

This would be the green, angel hair scarf that I should have had finished in November for my boss' birthday.  I finished it earlier this week but I won't see her until January 4th - where she will be getting her Christmas themed present and her birthday present.... I sort of failed on her gifts this year. I feel sort of crummy about this.

This is leftovers from the scarf I made for myself; the one thing I have made for me knitting wise.  I really, really like the color, it's incredibly soft - and I've never seen it again.  I originally bought the one skein to test it and if I liked it as much as I thought I would, I was going to buy a billion skeins of them and make a blanket...someday.  I'm hunting this particular color and type all the time.

A scarf. I have no memory of ever having started this scarf.  Or who it might have been for.  Anyone recall asking for an absurdly wide, black scarf from me? I think it's 30 stitches across.....which is the width I made my friend, Kevin's, green scarf.  This is perplexing.

I'm not altogether sure what I originally intended this to be - but now I will call this my throw-in-the-works.  It'll be a slow process, but someday I'll make this into a baby-blue throw, which I will probably give away.

I haven't the foggiest idea of what this should have been.  It's an orange bath mat, maybe? It's not even on needles....

....It's a very large black square.  I have no idea what this is for or why I did it.  Do you?

I think this is left over from that first batch of yarn I bought with the intent of making shifter colored things.  I'm wondering if I could take it back and exchange it for a color I would actually use.

Navy yarn for something I never started.  I could see a nice, navy scarf, perhaps...I'm not crazy about it though, but for some of the things I'll be trying to learn in the near future it could be good to keep around since I at least like the color.

I actually know why I bought this.  The idea was to make a shawl for my bride's maid dress in Danielle's wedding, but as you can see, it didn't really happen.  I'm thinking of unraveling this, rolling it and making a scarf to give away as a present at some point or perhaps keeping for something else.  The yarns not very soft, but it is pretty for a sparkly thing.

These are new. I just bought these....last week? Not even a week ago!  I want to use them to knit a stripy scarf; I really like the colors and it's a yarn I've never played with before.  I think it'll be really fun!

This is another new purchase.  I got it specifically because I want to learn how to knit this headband pattern with it.  It's super soft, lightweight yarn and I like the charcoal color.

This is a scarf for a friend who demanded a scarf...that I have yet to finish.  It'll be done someday and I actually like both the yarn and the knitting in the round thing; I anticipate it'll be what I finish after this birthday present I'm doing now...

This birthday present to be exact.  My friend just let the cat out that her birthday is this coming weekend; I won't be able to be there for it, but she's hinted that she wants me to make her something as well, so here we go! A homespun scarf in her absolute favorite color; red!  I'll probably stick in a movie today once I finish the cleaning I'm currently ignoring and knit away at this for a bit.

This basket is my new project basket.  It was actually part of a present from my boss and after coming home, yarn decided to live in it.  Currently it has the finished green scarf, the gray and blue scarf and the red scarf residing in it as things that need immediate attention.  I discovered it's quite handy for shoving in whatever I'm working on and sticking on the back of the couch or in an out of the way spot for when people surprise me and come over to play Wii.

This was a present to myself - a late Christmas present.  It was on the list of things I wanted but no one got it for me - so I got it for myself! I have this terrible habit of passing by yarn and grabbing needles and yarn - as if you can only use the needles once - and I've also been guilty of grabbing more than one set of needles in some size I already have.  This is my attempt to solve that problem; a nice, neat organized place for all my needles....even the size 17 ones.

Well, that's my Knitting Inventory!

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Dallas said...

i had no idea you were into knitting

Cid said...


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