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On the Up and Up

Okay, so I have to say that yesterday when I went to do my daily poke at the NaNo site, when it came up with the Site is Down page - I think I squealed for joy.  Yes, I squealed.  There wasn't a whole lot to be happy about yesterday, so if that simple thing made me happy - don't judge me!  You see, every year they pull the site down, do general maintenance, clean out the forums and get ready for NaNo whatever the next year is.  I'm really excited because this is the first year I'll get to do it; I've had my eye on it for a while but it just never happened - but this will be the year!

On a positive note - some of the deluge of unfortunate events of Wednesday, most of them have turned around to something either positive, or a bit more manageable.  My car is fixed! New battery solved it and I just had to go back for them to reset the Jeepies computer and all was well.  My dad's surgery is still going to happen, but now I at least understand what it's for.  He went for a sleep apnea test earlier this year and this is one of those preventative measures they're taking for him; they're basically going into his throat and mouth with a blowtorch and will remove stuff.  Fun, huh?  He's going to be out of commission for like a week.  My sister, as it turns out, doesn't really need us there though I would like to support her in court.  I just simply can't afford to go down there.  I hate that, but that's how it is.  My mom's talked about driving down just to be there for it and coming straight back. 

And my AC is fixed.  That's actually a funny story.  I worked from home yesterday and had all the window open and my "ghetto" box fans on so it was cool enough - thank goodness for this "cold-front"!  I finally started going over to the office to check in with the people there and at like 5pm she looks at me and says, 'But he was just inside your apartment - he said he fixed it!'  As it turns out the poor guy went to the wrong apartment and had already left for the day.  He actually turned around, came back and fixed my AC - and I proceeded to play freeze-out with myself and watch the latest episode of The Office and knitting more.  I bought this pretty teal yarn - yes, I have an obsession with teal - and if I like how the scarf turns out I think I'll go back and buy a bunch of it so I can use it later to make a blanket or something.  You see, my bedroom is teal and I don't exactly have faith in the Urban Outfitters comforter/quilt I bought two years ago holding up for many more.  I'm thinking I can keep the teal thing going on a bit longer if I can solve that problem myself.

I also learned that I have no idea what to do with circular knitting needles.  I sort of gave up until later when I can hopefully either find a better on line tutorial or else find someone who won't charge me an arm and a leg to teach me knitting.

Tonight Courtney, Amanda and I are going to go see Couple's Retreat; it's a hard pick to choose what to go see! Whip It comes out tonight as well as the movie about lying that I think I'll love and Zombieland!  Doubt I'll get to see them all in theaters but it's still exciting!  Since we're going to a late showing I'll have time to swing by Joann's and look at the fabrics and patterns I need to for the bridesmaid dress.  I have a goal of actually working out tonight and getting up at a semi-early hour tomorrow to start the construction process - well, at least cut the freaking pattern pieces out.  That always takes far longer than it should it seems.

I finally got a callback from the volunteer department at the church; I am set up to go do my volunteer observations/orientations for the Youth Ministry department and the Media department Saturday night and Wednesday night respectively.  All in all this is shaping up to be a slightly busy weekend!  I normally go to Saturday night church anyways, so sitting in the control room is no biggie; I'll probably get bored, honestly.  I've seen cameras and operating rooms before so 'eh. Sunday morning is the single's service I'm looking forward to and Sunday afternoon is out bi-monthly church small group that I'll be going to for the first time.  I'm excited about all of it!  Of course I'll need to get sewing done in between all of this and whatnot.  I'm sure I'll post pictures of stuff from my phone and whatnot.

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