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Okay - so I'm going to promote some other blogs really quick.

First up, Criss - a fellow NaNo'r and a local ML - posted this small blog and video on how to confront racism, or sexism or whatever it is that's going on in a very tactful manner.  I think it's good advice and something many people wouldn't clue in on that a person's actions might not define their person and there are better ways to deal with something than just pointing fingers - because once a finger is pointed someone gets defensive!  I really like her blogs - you might need thick skin to read some of what she says, but I like oppinions and she's very oppinionated.  Her latest blog hit a growing frusteration in me with some of the silly things that go on in Christian culture.  InkyGirl - who I think I've mentioned often enough that everyone knows I'm a fan of her - posted a blog with a video about a Church Book Burning for Halloween, where they are burning everything from Harry Potter to Billy Grahm and all translations of the Bible save for KJV.  I won't rant on it since I did include my comments on both of those last blogs in their comments and if you're that interested in my oppinions you can read them there instead of me hammering it all out again.

Also, if you aren't familiar with the International Justice Mission I would strongly suggest poking around their site.  They posted a report about eight persons who were rescued from slavery in Chennai, India.  I really have problems reading this sort of thing and not getting upset.  I know a lot of the time I kick myself for having such a tender response to stories like this, but I just can't help it.  They do a lot of work internationally to get rid of slavery, human trafficking and a lot of other things that people might not realize we can change.

Lastly, a story that made me cry.  I refuse to not feel moved by stories of people who are in the military and their experiences.  I still cry every night when they run through the lists of people who have been killed overseas in the last few months and every time they do a story on someone locally who was killed during their service I get really choked up and cry.  This was posted on the NaNoWriMo site a few days ago and I just read it yesterday.  It's really good to hear about how people can stick together and make it happen.  Basically this woman in the Marines was stuck doing forward pushes during NaNo and hand wrote her entire novel and through the combined efforts of her fellow Marines she was able to get her hand written novel typed up, and flown on several helicopters to be validated and registered as a NaNoWriMo winner.  I don't know why I tear up at stuff like this - but I'm at least at a point now in my life where I don't feel self conscious about admitting that this story really inspires me.  I wanna do the Time Warp.  :)

I spent the better part of the last two days with one of the worst migraines I've ever experienced.  My mother is now over reacting and thinks something is dreadfully wrong with me - because my head hurt.  I got the full gambit of questions; where did it hurt? How did it hurt? Did it hurt from the back of your head? Behind your eyes? Did you experience tunnel vision? Were colors more bright than normal?  Really.....my head hurt real bad, it pounded all over, and when it was finally gone it was gone.  That's it.  If they continue then yes, I would see a doctor, but considering it's the first time in years and years and years that this has happened - not that big of a deal! Crossing my fingers it stays away and there isn't another episode.

My calendar is looking rather full now.  Today I have my tattoo work, tomorrow is The Mix at church, Thursday is The Office, and Friday is the Homegroup Halloween Party. That's not even touching on this weekend which is Church on Saturday - don't know if I'm volunteering or anything - and Sunday is the NaNo Kick-Off Party and Patrick will be in town sometime Saturday and Sunday and I'll work in hanging out with him somewhere; not sure where but yeah.  Things are getting busy....  I'm a little worried since I've gone to such great lengths to ensure my November will be conducive to a good writing schedule and now I suddenly feel like it's all moot because I'm going to be real busy.  I really, really want to win at NaNo, I'm going to need a lot of encouragement from my Writing Buddies I think...

Oh - and now I have to come up with a Halloween costume... I don't think my SCA gown will work, and going as a Derby Diva is just sort of boring to me.  I'm starting to fret about that - and it's only a few days away! I wonder if I could sew something....Or what would I sew if that's what I wanna do?  *fretsfretsfrets*  I GOT IT! Oh my goodness - my costume will blow your mind.  Look for pictures next week!

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