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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Than You!

I am so frustrated right now with customer service reps it makes me want to yell and throw something.  I deal with customers, helping them solve stuff and I really do try to be as helpful as possible and I've been told I do a great job.  Awesome!  And then I get customer service reps who say, "Oh, that's not my job.  I just do..." And when they are enlisted to fix my problem only give me a solution that's really 95% unacceptable and just doesn't work and refuses to understand why I can't be more like them.  I'm just super frustrated and want to yell at someone or something - so no one should call me because I won't be a friendly customer service person - except I went on lunch right after all of this happened so the world was saved from my tickedoffedness.  This has yet caused more issues because something got uninstalled for IE8 and I had to spend an hour figuring it all out before now the two browsers will coexist without sucker-punching each other.  Blah!

For the most part I am feeling better, but it's in waves.  For a while my head will sort of explode in sneezes and sniffles and I'll feel icky - then I'm just fine.  Got really bad yesterday afternoon so I called the church and said maybe it wasn't a great idea for me to be there last night considering my immune system was probably all weak and kids carry everything - also that I was sneezing and kids catch everything.  It seemed in everyone's best interest if I just stayed home.  Which was good because I watched the latest episode of Kamen Rider W. The female lead still annoys me, I still really like the two detectives, and the Dopants are pretty nifty.  I do, however, want green slippers now.  Also got the apartment mostly cleaned up.  I need to finish washing clothes, put them away and vacuum everything.  Between sewing and having snippets of thread in places, bits of trimmed yarn and the normal Chinchilla mess it's necessary that it happens today.  Also want things tidied up since people are meeting at my place to go to the Pocket Sandwich Theater tonight.  I'm excited about this, personally.  I always love their popcorn throwing plays.

I downloaded TweetDeck last night - I think that might have been a bad idea - yet another thing to distract me from everything else I should be doing. It like, turns Twitter into an instant messenger and makes it far too easy to use and organize - key word: organize! I like to organize things and make them custom to how I like it and when I can do that, I'm more likely to use something.  It makes me wonder if I shouldn't have separate twitters for things like NaNo that's for a specific group or whatnot...I wonder if it's too late to do this.....

Yes, this is a dismally uninteresting blog.  However, most of the excitement that has been happening has been in my head and figuring out stuff for my NaNo novel.  I'm getting more and more excited about it and slowly wondering if I'm more excited about the world building than the actual writing of the book. Makes me wonder how it will go!

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