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New Season of Dr Who

The new season of Dr Who started last night.  Since I don't get BBC America I bought the iTunes season pass.  It's handy, but the iTunes playback kind of sucks.  I can't wait to get it on instant play via Netflix to watch without the hiccuping video feed.  The audio at least was fine.  I then discovered that my version was playing the HD video back.  I switched to the standard and it worked MUCH better, so I rewatched the premier.

Now I will talk about the new episodes and this is littered with spoilers.

I know that it took me a long time to warm up to the new Doctor, and I'm still not a huge fan of Amy Pond or Dr. Riversong, but I love Rory.  The new season started off with a kick though!  Anything that starts off with the death of the main character is a pretty risky start.  We know that somewhere along the season we'll learn why the Doctor had to die.  It's a pretty big dose of expectation in my oppinion.

Anyone else catch Dr. Riversong's allusion to her own death?  I'm not a fan of her character.  I don't like her, and in many ways I doubt I'll ever see any of the Doctor's having a romantic arc with anyone but Rose as okay.  It's silly, but that's how I see it. 

What I really liked are the new alien creatures.  Very Men in Black kind of feel in the vein of the angels.  With the angels you couldn't blink, with these MIB creatures if you look anywhere but at them you'll forget they even exist.

Yes, I'm rambling and I'm okay with that.  All in all, I'm excited about where this season is going!

2 thoughts:

Micah said...

Curses... cannot read the post for fear of spoilers!

I've seen 4-5 episodes picked by some friends Kristina and I hang out with on weekends, and while admittedly they probably picked the better episodes, I've really liked them! One of these days, I'll find a season of them and watch back episodes. :) And one distant day, I'll get to the current season!

Cid said...

LOL you could probably read the post and be fine because you wouldn't know anything I was talking about.

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