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don't drink bong water. ever. okay?

Okay - I don't have a lot of political views worth talking about, nor do I really like to talk current events but I feel that things being brought up today just have to be touched on.  Incase you are not aware of the fact, President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Sounds pretty spiffy huh? Yeah, that was my first reaction: Go Americans! Hurray!  But then I had to pause and wonder - read up on some articles.  You see, I make a point of watching at least one news cast a day.  It's a bit depressing at times but I want to at least be informed of what is going on in the world.  Today President Obama was supposed to meet with a General about sending more troups to Afghanistan; a large number if I remember correctly from last nights news.  As I was reading and watching stuff - I couldn't help but wonder if this is some sort of power-play on the world front.  You see, Obama really hasn't done much, he's said a lot of really good stuff, but we have yet to see the fruit of his words.  Basically he's being awarded something for his good intentions.  I think that while I applaud his win on this unexpected front, I have to say this is a bit premature.  We are entrenched in battles we can't get out of easily, our own country is on shaky ground, and they award him for thinking positive.  It just doesn't add up. 

While I couldn't find the exact speach given, apparently the awarding party said something that leads people to understand that the Nobel Committee was in fact tactfully saying they completely disagreed with the Bush Administration, and are awarding Obama for not being Bush.  I can't vouch for the accuracy of that, but it makes me wonder what other weight or invisible strings are attached to this award. Will it cripple Obama in the future as he attempts to live up to this award? Will he be ridiculed for not behaving or reacting as a Peace Laurette should react?  He's been awarded for his intentions and for what people think he will do - not for what he has done.  That's got to at least affect him somehow.  It's a great weight to have laid on his shoulders and while I believe that publicly he will act with grace, I wonder what this will do to him privately.  It's like Obama isn't even his own person anymore.  He's this world figure we all get to play dress-up with; Europeans want to see him as the Peace-Laurette, Americans want to see him as the Change-Bringer, Africans want to see him as their Road-to-Victory, how many hats can he wear?  It makes me worried.  America's at a very rocky period, I sort of want to be jealous and say - No, no, no world - he's OUR president (even though I didn't vote for him) not your icon - we'll take him back now - kthnxsbai!

Also, sort of big in the news, is that last night NASA shot a rocket at the moon; they're looking for water, not laser shooting aliens.  Now, I understand that finding water on other planets is important.  The wheels in my head churned out an interesting story idea I'll poke at later, but for now I'll stay on topic.  So finding water is important if we plan on space travel and leaving this planet.  However, we are spending billions of dollars on a war, people don't have jobs, and we're going to shoot a rocket at the moon to blow a big hole in it.  They shot a rocket at the south pole of the moon some days ago and it impacted last night.  As of yet there aren't any pictures, but NASA says it was a successful mission thus far and everything is functioning just fine.

I really feel like the logic of the world is failing today.  I'm sure I'm not the most informed person, but the information as I see it presented doesn't look all that good.  Like I said to Dani, it's like the entire world went out and drank bong water last night and then decided - hey, lets make some big decisions today! Crazy people.  I'm just a little less impressed with humanity today; maybe tomorrow will be better.

As a result I have been listening to NPR today; it's strange, I don't listen to all of it attentively, but it's interesting.  Really people just talking about stuff.

H1N1 seems like it's more deadly or at least we're realizing it's more deadly now.  I think I'm actually going to go get vaccinated for the normal flu.  Granted I don't really want to pay for it out of my own pocket, but oh well.  I can get reimbursed for it from my company so I'll do that, turn in my receipt and all will be well!

In other, completely narcisistic news, I have a twitter.  As rediculous and idiotic as I find it, I now have a Twitter.  I feel so narcissistic.  I got it because the NaNo site  keeps going down and the staff posts tweets about why the site is going down.  Also because when my mom's on a bike race or a really long ride, she posts stuff on there andf indind her without a link on someone else's computer is hard.  Now I can be tapped into everyone.  Really I just want it so I can keep up with stuff - not because you all need to know every time I go pee.  Really - no one needs to know that much about my life.  I love you all, but I do want to shut the door in your face every now and then and have some quiet, alone time.

Tonight I have no plans.  I will probably stay home and sew, knit and watch movies.  Tomorrow I have church and then a NaNo Pre-Event thing in Denton.  I'm sort of dreading driving all that way to do something but oh well.  Hopefully get a chance to go see Couple's Retreat or Zombieland this weekend at some point.  My main focus will be finishing the dress, knitting my teal scarf, and prep work for NaNo.  Somewhere in all of that my apartment needs a good cleaning, dirty clothes need to be washed, clean clothes from last week need to be put away, and dishes that were washed last night need to be put away.  I'm hoping for a cool weekend overall; might take some writing out to the patio or even read out there.  Too bad my apartment faces Northgate Dr.  Maybe I'll actually go for that jog? Who knows!

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Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post on positive thinking. It should be very much helpfull.

Karim - Positive thinking

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