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lazy weekends

Well it's defiantly the weekend!  I haven't left my apartment much, which doesn't really bother me.  It's rather chilly outside so staying in is just fine by me.  Cooked last night and watched Defiance; a movie on WWII Jews who survived in the forests of former USSR.  It was long, very good, inspiring, and depressing.  I'd suggest it if you like heavy drama.

Saturday started out with a jog - which turned into a two mile power walk.  For one, I need much better shoes to jog in and the trail at the park down the road goes up and down a lot; I'm too fat to jog that!  I came back to my apartment and made pancakes - I've never made pancakes before! My first one turned out...less than perfect. Ended up cutting it into bits and just dipping it into syrup since it was so deformed!  The others all came out pretty well! And yummy.  The leftovers are in the fridge to enjoy later! Today was really movie watching day.  I watched The Spirit, which I surprisingly enjoyed.  I'm not a fan of Eva Mendez, but I liked the movie.  I also watched an old, live action Beauty and the Beast.  I think I recall watching it on tv when I was much younger.  Did a church meeting for volunteering which was pretty cool.

I was really excited Friday night because I finished my teal scarf I was making for myself. I started on the mix charcoal scarf for my brother I hope to have done by the 24th when he gets here.  The idea is that I'll get to see him - we'll see if it happens!  Either way, the scarf is coming really well.  I was very happy when I didn't drop a stitch at all in the teal scarf and thus far the charcoal one's going great.  I'm making it wider and hopefully longer than a normal scarf since he lives where it's very cold and the idea really is for it to protect and keep warm.  Plus it's out of really fun, soft homespun stuff.  I made a marbley blue scarf out of something similar last year but it disappeared... "disappeared".

Started watching the cartoon Avatar thing since there's a movie coming out based on it.  I'm openly skeptical about anything M. Night Shyamalan does.  Except for The Village, I haven't liked anything he's done.  Of course I haven't seen all his stuff, just a few, but I remain unimpressed with what he does and most especially his attitude the handful of times I've seen him interviewed.  I haven't seen the entire cartoon show, but it's awfully cute and was good entertainment to have playing in the background a lot of the weekend.  I think I'm hesitantly looking forward to the actual movie.

While I'm talking about movies!  Saw Zombieland - finally! Oh my goodness I loved it!  Really, if zombies do ever spring up, I wanna be stuck with Tallahassee no matter how much he wants a twinkie.  I really liked the movie and was surprised by the lack of language and sexual content - really it's rated R for good ol zombie violence.  It wasn't even scary, really, which given how chicken I am about scary movies is awesome cuz I could probably watch this at home by myself and be okay with most of the lights off.  Granted I found the female leads sort of annoying, and I actually like Abigail Breslin, who was in Little Miss Sunshine. However, Woody Harrelson stole the show in my opinion as Tallahassee.  The rules for surviving zombie attacks were fun though I thought they could have played off them more.  Oh well, I loved it!

So all in all, a relaxing, lazy weekend.

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