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sickly weekends

It's getting close to 2am and I still cannot sleep.  It hasn't been anywhere near as crazy a weekend as I anticipated it would be, but it was still kinda crazy.  Friday was the Halloween party and it was really awesome.  I had fun hanging out with people and rocking my awesome Bearded Lady costume.  Yes, I was the Bearded Lady!  It went over surprisingly well, I was pleased.  Many people were jealous of my amazing carpet.  I sort of felt achy and soar throatish, but considering the best place to be was out on the patio because the house was so packed, I chalked it up to being outside and having to yell over music and people to have a conversation. 

Woke up Saturday and well - I was really sick.  I felt awful, took medicine and sort of meandered around the place, putting stuff away and making a pitiful attempt at cleaning up my place.  Canceled working at the church and hanging out with people to just curl up on my couch and try to feel better.  I didn't get any sewing done at all, which was a huge bummer, I didn't feel up to messing with it at all.  I did get dishes washed and some other stuff done.

Today was the NaNo party.  I got up in time to get ready to go and make it there on time.  I must have taken my cold medicine too soon because I was a bit over-medicated and super loopy for most of the party - which was a bummer.  The party was fun, we ate stuff and talked, met people, and played a fun genre game.  Getting really excited for NaNo!  I downloaded this program called yWriter, which is supposedly a word processor for writing books.  I don't think I will be writing my actual novel in it, but the organizational parts of it are great and really help me.  It's free so I've downloaded it and I'm outlining more of my story, thinking some of it through and what not, setting up a more detailed out line.  I also setup a Dropbox, which will be useful for synchronizing my laptop to any other computer that has a Dropbox.

After the party I went over to my friend Kara's place and we hung out.  Got to watch the latest Tool Academy - the Tool I wanted to see gone finally got the boot.  I know who I want to see win.  We'll see how it all shakes loose.

I'm going to try sleeping soon, but I'm not sleepy and feel crappy.

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Jessica said...

:D I'm glad you had fun, though you were overmedicated. The bearded lady costume suits you. I was also up until 2AM! Hooray! I overslept today and got into work late. X.x Whoops.

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