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Migraine Monday's

Okay, this isn't my best morning, especially to undertake something like write a blog which involves me thinking back through the last few muddled hours to whatever I did whenever - but I'm gonna do it!

Treated myself to a small shopping trip to Target and got more than I intended, but I'm super happy with everything I bought - so that's a good thing, right?  I hope so - I've already worn most of the stuff I bought! LoL.  Got to see Couple's Retreat Friday with Amanda and Sarah - unfortunatly it was a bit of a disappointment; I'd expected funnier by far.  There were some very funny parts and plenty of chuckles to go around, but not the deep insanity I felt the movie had been capable of.  Oh well, there are several other movies that are out or coming out I want to see so there's something else to look forward to!

Saturday I thought would be more productive.  I got up at a reasonable hour and did some cleaning up of the apartment.  Not enough, honestly, but it was Saturday morning! I do recall finishing my brothers scarf, which is quite longer than I thought I'd make it, but oh well!  I watched Dragonball Evolution; I really don't recall putting it on my Netflix or even why I would want to watch it.  The first few minutes were rather painful to watch, but a friend I was IMing who had seen it suggested I watch it like I'd watch any 80's cheesy movie; that helped and I actually enjoyed it.  It's jam packed with cheese, but it was still a nice, short movie that fit into my Saturday really nicely.  I think that's about all I did that was really useful.  I got ready, actually curled my hair! That doesn't happen very often.

I got these two fun little headbands with embellishments on them; one has a flower that when worn actually is almost flush with your skull.  I don't like big, poofy stuff.  Another one is a crust of seed beads and some garnet stones, very a-la-Roaring 20's I think.  With my hair curled and down it looked super nifty. 

I volunteered at church this weekend and boy was that interesting.  I worked with the media department.  Call time Saturday was 3:30 - service was at 6 and we seriously practiced the service from before I got there until about 5:45.  Really!  I was supposed to do A4V training but they were short grips so I was a grip; this means I helped move a pedal board on stage and off stage twice, spent the rest of the time in a side-room watching the service.  It was alright, nothing amazingly difficult, but necessary to how Fellowship does stuff.

Sunday I was at the church a little after 8am and actually did A4V training.  I really wish I could have been in there on Saturday to test drive the equipment during rehersals since my training was watching the other guy run the Nuendo programt he first service and than handing it over to me for the second.  I jacked up a second of the recording and I hate that it happened.  All the shortcuts for ProTools that I know don't translate to Nuendo.

Now unless you have some audio program knowledge you're probably going "Huh?".  Let me explain!  The audio set-up at Fellowship is pretty cool.  There are three audio boards going at the same time.  One board is backstage and caters to the monitors and the hearback systems so the band and speakers can hear themselves.  I, personally, really like monitors and secretly hope they need someone back there to help out with stuff because I'd like to do that.  Then there is the ever obvious Front-of-House board that controls what the audience hears.  I think that's rather self-explanitory.  They  mix for the life audience.  What isn't really normal for even most big churches is the A4V board.  They have a digital board where they record the audio for reproduction.  Now in order to reproduce something, the have to record it somewhere.  I am acustomed to using an audio software called ProTools which is Mac based. I really like it, it's what I learned on, it's what I'm really comfortable using.  However, there are other programs out there.  Fellowship uses Nuendo, which I've only ever opened, looked at, said "That's cool," and closed it.  So I'm not really comfortable using it since my fingers want to do things frum muscle memory since the work space looks very similar to ProTools.  That's bad because what the I key does in ProTools isn't the same thing in Nuendo!  It was still really cool to sort of learn it on the fly like that but I think I'll google the Nuendo manuel and read up on it and the shortcuts before I go back so I don't make the same dumb mistakes.

So there were two services Sunday and afterwards I just wasn't feeling well. A headach had set in sometime around the end of the first service and had just gotten more and more terrible through the second service.  I left church, swung by Target to buy a sweater I'd said no to on Friday that I just really, really, really wanted and standing in line to pay I felt very, seriously physically ill my head hurt so bad.  Got the sweater, went home and curled up on my couch for a few minutes. I felt so bad I was nautious but I hadn't eaten anything since about 8am.  Forced myself to eat a peanutbutter & bannanna sammitch and curled up in bed for half an hour.  Got up, felt even worse, finally tood some Excedrine and drank two bottles of water just in case I was dehydrated or something.  Even though I felt terrible I still went to Group Sync; I was the first person there besides the group leaders so I sort of felt bad for getting there so early but they're nice people and we chitchatted about how poorly I was feeling! Such a thrilling topic, I know!  I really regretted coming after the group started, you never realize how loud some people are until your head hurts.  Towards the end of the time I felt better and joined the group going out to eat Chinese food.  Poor Sam - he had to listen to us talk about girl stuff and I'm sure it was more than just a little weird for him at times.

Theeeeeeen I went back to my other friend's house and we watched the last two Tool Academy episodes, which was really exciting.  One of the guys I really wanted to see succeed got kicked off and the results really were not pretty.  However, the couple I want to win the whole thing are still in and looking really good.  Tool Academy 3 is being casted right now, which makes me super excited to know that there will be another season to fanfare about and make an event out of.  :)

Last night the migraine came back and I emailed into work, only to recall that I'm supposed to be the only person here - so I really have to come in, even though I would much prefer to curl up in a box, under my desk and wrap my sweater around my head.  I can make it 8 hours - really I can....

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