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I realize as I'm starting to schedual when I'm volunteering at church that - I need a new planner or system of keeping track of dates.  I have a kitchen white-board where I keep track of stuff that's super handy with it's cork-board and little area to scribble notes - but I can't carry it around with me!  I used to carry around a large, blue leather one when I was juggling school, derby, work and everything else.  When I dropped down to just derby and work I got a smaller one that's now been all used up and I've sort of just been coasting by and 'remembering' what is happening when.  I think that's about to get really out of hand.  I don't have the internet on my phone anymore so using something like Airset is out and the calendar on my phone is just sort of a hastle because it doesn't synch with my Vista laptop.  I'm slowly starting to want an iPhone which I really don't want - except everything in the world is made for an iPhone now.  Of course I wonder if I can afford one, what with them costing aroud $200 and then the monthly charges for things like unlimited texts which I would need.  See, I also want a GPS for Christmas - but with an iPhone you get it all.  It's so frusterating.  I don't really want an iPhone - except I'm just being obstinate by not getting one.

I'm also getting more and more frusterated with knitting.  I really like knitting, and I would love to understand the whole knittese language - but everyone charges a hefty sum for simple knitting lessons.  I'd love to take a real class on knitting but I really can't afford what people are asking right now.  I'm going to have to really push myself to muddling through self-help videos online which are good, but sometimes I just can't get it exactly right.  I think I'm pretty close - but it's sort of clear that by the knot of yarn that gets pushed around that what I'm knitting looks nothing like what the person in the video is working on.  I think I'll have to worry about knitting in December as November will be plenty busy enough.

NaNo - I just want to keep upbeat and remind myself it's right around the corner.  Thursday InkyGirl shared this link with really good information on how to create better characters via her Twitter.  A lot of it to me is sort of obvious stuff, but sometimes reading it again helps reinforce something or gives you a new idea.  I really need to sit down and define my characters; the world has progressed a good deal, but the characters are far behind that.  I need to fix it.  Maybe tomorrow, though it might be next week before I really get there.  I'm getting some good ideas for how to develop Rocco, but Nattie needs some help - and she's the MC!!!

I had the grand idea to go home yesterday, grab my camera and take a nice walk around the park, snapping pictures for practice and getting a good, long walk in.  However, as I passed the park on my way home, it was all taped off and there was a full fledged production crew there and they were pointing mommy's with buggies away from the park and on down the road.  I figured going there would be a bad idea, especially if I had a camera in hand - so instead I did things like: wash dishes, clean the kitchen, pick up salvedge material, get all my pattern pieces in one spot, take out the trash, lots of small things that went a long way in making my place look much, much neater.

However, everyone who was supposed to come over sort of forgot to tell me they weren't coming until - I had steaks in the oven already.  I wasn't exactly thrilled because I don't know if I can really eat all that meat before it goes bad now without eating more than I should to just prevent it going bad.  Blah.  The Office was grand though. 

This weekend will be busy, busy, busy.  I have the shopping itch so I'm thinking of going to Target and poking around a bit before heading home.  If I have time I want to go for that walk with my camera before I meet up with people to go see a movie or go hang out or something.  There are very loose plans.  Saturday I'm hoping to get over to the yarn shop in Dallas to look around a bit and then back home to get ready for church.  I'm doing AV training and the new series is about being the biggest fans.  I think I'm going to wear my derby shirt and take my skates incase I want to stay for the tailgate party later.  I think that could be fun since I don't really know anyone; just skate around the parkinglot and stop and talk to people.  I have outdoor wheels and I can change them myself so it shouldn't be a problem.  Plus it would probably be good for me to get out and skate a bit.  Sunday is similar in that I'm volunteering at church and then have small group tomorrow night.  I'll probably go straight home and collapse on my couch and go to sleep early.  So busy times ahead of me!

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