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the kind of wake-up call you don't like to get

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought: so that's what I look like? Yeah. I saw a picture of myself from last night and had to flip to something else really quickly. I know I've gained weight, going from a busy, up and active lifestyle to sitting behind a desk and on my couch has really taken it's toll.  I know and understand this.  There's only so much I can do as far as eating small meals, choosing non-dense foods, not drinking DrPepper, cutting down on my sugar before I really have to figure out some way to exercise.  I know how much weight I've gained, I try to ignore it but it's still there and I'm very conscious of it.  Of course everyone has their quick fix answer: get out there and exercise! Go do something! Yeah, that's all very easy and simple to say - but practicing it is difficult. I gave up my gym membership I used about 50% of the time to move into a more expensive apartment - I cannot afford a gym membership.  The plus side was that my apartment had a mini-gym.  Not a lot of stuff, but enough that I could use two or three machines and get a nice, half hour work-out in.  I did this for several months, getting more regular and evening off to exercising 3 to 4 times a week.  Then the weather changed and now you can't even step foot in there!  Seriously, I've tried going in at different times but nothing is ever available and there's always people in there.  So my other alternative is to exercise out-side. This worked well for a few days, and taking long walks in the park was very nice - and then the skies opened and it's been rainy and/or cold for a few weeks now.  The last option I have yet to try is exercising in my home.  This is iffy just because of the space issue.  I don't have anywhere to put a stationary bike - I've thought about that one, believe me - if I did have the space I'd have one.  I'm very much considering trying to get a Wii and a Wii fit.  I've heard a lot of good things about them and the size is something that could be easily stowed away at my house.  Now the problem is coming up with the $$$ for one.  I know I'm making a lot of excuses, and I also fully admit that unless I'm willing to do something I just have to accept my weight and live with it, but I'd prefer to figure something out instead. 

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adorably alice said...

I know this was written a while ago, but I can totally relate to your working out issues. I've gained some weight in the past year too. I've mostly just ignored it, but as my wedding gets closer (it's in march) I find myself wanting to exersice, but having a hard time actually doing it. Anyway, there's a mini gym at my apt complex that I've never seen full or crowded. I also have the p90x DVDs. I managed to do it for a month before I quit..even though I had started seeing results.

So if you want a work out buddy, I'm game.

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