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Twilight....no one told me this was a comedy!

I finally saw Twilight - and I don't get it.  Really - I don't.  I think I laughed through most of it - Amanda offered for me to go see New Moon with her roommate and her - I think I would get lynched if I went to the midnight showing.  I just really thought the whole thing was a bit ridiculous.  Bella was a brat - from the perspective of the movie she has tons of people who are trying to be friendly with her and instead she would prefer to be all angsty and alone and selfish and whatnot.  The guy - Edward - can you say pedophile? The glittering made me laugh so hard my head started to hurt again.  I did think the baseball bit was very ingenious and I applaud the author for that bit.  The rest of it I just thought was odd and not that great.  It doesn't seem to me that the characters learn from their actions.  The relationship Bella and Edward share, the complete infatuation, just seems unhealthy - but I guess that's part of the story - their crazy infatuation drives them to do silly things.  Please keep in mind I know nothing about the story other than what I saw in the movie and the trailer for the new movie.  I was not impressed or tempted to spend my money on the books and invest the time required to read them.

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