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What day is it again?

*note - I held off posting this yesterday because I wanted to include pictures for reference  :)

I have to keep reminding myself today is just Tuesday.  I feel very unconnected and confused about dates and times.  I took yesterday off just because.  I could have come in, but I was just physically so exhausted and icky that it was a better to just take the day off and stay at home.  I watched two movies: Valkyrie and My Bestfriends Girl.  I was dreading watching Valkyrie because it had Tom Cruise in it and I sort of lothe him and find his performances lacking - but there was something about his character that really worked and I liked the movie.  My Bestfriends Girl, however, I hated.  Really - I could have stomached the humor, but it was the rediculous ending I couldn't accept or be happy with.  Really, a guy is going to fall in love with a girl, get his bestfriend to date her and when they really do click everything will be okay, some way, somehow - because they are in love? Yeah, with all the issues the characters had - it was stupid and rediculous and should have ended as badly as it was written.  Yeah, that's what I think.

I also picked out all the stitching I did the other night on the Bridesmaid dress and got it almost completely done - which makes me so very excited.  I just need to have someone help me pin the hem and finish that bit up and we're set!  I have learned a very important lesson: beaded fabrics and sheer fabrics in general are a big no-no.  I'm going to have to wear something under it so it doesn't scratch me raw.  My own fault, not blaming anyone else! It does look very pretty, though.

And I kept knitting on my new scarf project for Sam - my knitting in the round scarf.  I realize I need a row counter.  I'm keeping tallies on a sheet of paper and I'm pretty sure I have yet to do exactly 20 rows of one color before switching to the other.

Played around with the yWriter software more and it's really helped me think through some of my story. I added a lot into the middle where I'd sort of lost sight of what was going on and I think I have the ending part down, though that bit is completely up in the air and I can do a lot with it.  That's where I'm incorporating a lot of my more absurd ideas.  I really need to make some of my dislikeable characters - which is really hard for me, but I need some.

4 thoughts:

Jessica said...

Yey for pictures! :D Super cute. <3 You would wear cheetah print jammy pants underneath. :P

Cid said...

It was cold! And the pants were warm :P And in order to take that picture I had to stand on a cooler - just so you know.

Elizabeth said...

yWriter is pretty fabulous. I installed it just after last year's NaNo, and that is what I will probably be porting mine into from my alphasmart.

Also, I love knitting in the round, mostly because I hate both seaming and purling. Working in the round usually lets me avoid both!

Cid said...

I am fairly excited about yWriter now. Spent a good deal of time working through some other stuff in my novel yesterday and I'm really liking it.

Also, knitting in the round is good fun. I need a shorter circumference though than the one I have now...and a row counter - dear lord I need a row counter!

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