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The Dive Bombing Kamikaze

So I realize I did not post yesterday, but that does not mean I did not blog yesterday.  You see - I have this habit of keeping a few posts in edit and collecting stuff in each one; yes, there really is some sort of strange method to all of the crazy stuff I push out there!  Anyways, so pretend you understand what day it is I'm talking about and I'm going to do my revision thing so it doesn't sound like I'm more crazy than NaNoWriMo has already made me.

Yesterday morning I was struck with the realization that I think there should be a law about people not being allowed scissors in their own homes; they should be checked out or something and only used in front of a trained scissor professional. This would effectively prevent people from cutting their own hair and making the mistake I did this morning with my bangs.  Not that I did a particularly bad job, but I know I'm going to get laughed at when I finally do go and get them fixed.  They're a bit shorter than I'd intended and I somehow achieved a layered effect, but opposite of the way the layers - for bangs - should have gone, I think.... I am no hairdresser extraordinaire..... So yes, this morning I did the stupid thing and trimmed my own bangs; thankfully there is still almost two weeks from now until Danielle's wedding when I will go get them shaped up by a true professional and laugh at my own folly.  I should also see about dying my hair as well.  I have about three colors currently and I really only want one.  After washing my hair last night and playing with them with the slightly curved straitghtener I have (yes, it's an oxymoron but I'm not the genius who made it, I just use it!) they don't look too bad. I still intend to get them cleaned up before the wedding business.

So I think I struck the creative gold mine on my way into work yesterday morning; unfortunately it has nothing to do with my current NaNoWriMo novel, The Barking Dog, but everything to do with my graphic novel idea.  It's sort of like an onion at the moment.  I pulled it out of the depths of my mind and as I try to puzzle out what I should do with it I start stripping away layers and getting acquainted with it - except I don't like onions so I don't think this analogy makes much sense....it did when I started it in my head.  Suffice it to say, the idea is getting really interesting to me and I'm planning on doing some research - but later!  I even have a list of graphic novels that I should go read, though the ones that interest me are not in the genre or style I'd find appropriate for my idea. Oh well!

Okay, so growing up, Dr Who was not part of my childhood.  I think it is beyond mentioning by now that I had a less than normal childhood so anything and everything it seems that was part and piece of your childhood - was an unknown in mine.  However, it is interesting that a new Dr Who book is currently underway to being signed into production.  Nifty 'eh?  I hope it's good, for the fans most of all.  Like, I really like the Hitchhikers Guide movies and everything, I just have yet to sit down and read the book; I know I will fall madly in love with it when I do - I just haven't yet.  Yeah...lame excuse I know.  Well, a certain someone wrote a sequel that is getting rather negative reviews (caution some strong language); it makes me sad.

Now - onward about my NaNoWriMo progress.  Wednesday I stayed up horendously late to get in my 5K and realized that wtih nothing planned for Thursday I was so going to blow 100K out of the water and get to bed early, as well as do very important things like tend to the Chin-children, shower, take out the trash, etc.  As I gauge out the book currently.I think the story will come full circle around 200K, but I cannot manage that by the end of November I fear unless all I do is write like a crazy lady over Thanksgiving and just kill the rest of the book.  Wednesday I wrote some really intense scenes between the FMC and MMC and introduced the ambiguous other presence in the book.

Last night would see me move on to where things just start snowballing and suddenly it turns into a roller coaster.  Well - that was the plan - roller coaster IN the book - not IN my life.  I believe many people are acquainted with my incident previously which I have dubbed, When Roaches Attack, well I fear we have hit the sequel: When Roaches Attack: The Dive Bombing Kamikaze. Last night, while attempting to watch The Office and cut up some chicken to bake for dinner, I heard a sound - now I have some new neighbors who I think probably launder money and the upstairs ones have various children inhabiting the apartment at different times so I don't bother myself to pay much attention to strange sounds unless they sound, well, serious and this was not a serious sound.

Except then something hit me - or landed on me....Now keep in mind please I am currently armed with a steak knife, cutting chicken over the sink in a pyrex dish.  I step back, look down and OMG THERE'S A ROACH CRAWLING ACROSS MY SHIRT!!!! Dear lord I think I screamed, somehow got it off of me and well - what does one do when armed with a knife? You use it....yes, I knifed a roach in my kitchen and was able to stun it so I could get the ever useful in capturing strange insects dish to put over it...except then it tried to escape and I sort of cut off part of it's thorax...Unfortunately being knifed and having part of it's lower body removed was not enough to do this sucker in so I dug out my neatly put away can of Raid and did the honors, then proceeding to spray baseboards, around the fridge and doors and found out that it takes 5 minutes for Raid to kill a roach; the commercials lie!

My apartment complex will be getting another lovely package of the six legged variety this afternoon.  I really, really like my apartment and where I live - but if this issue with the bugs persists it's going to force me out and I'll be foaming at the mouth by the time my lease is up.  I am probably going to take some more proactive measures on insect prevention though.

That said, it took me nearly an hour, hour and a half to stop twitching at every strange sound expecting another dive bombing attack any moment!  I couldn't find music to write to that didn't make me want to do something else or just flat out did not fit the scene; Pandora really failed me last night for a while.  However, around 11:15 (keep in mind I had really hoped to be in bed by 10pm) I hit the rhythm and just flowed with it.  Got almost 6K written and at 11:45 I had to make the very hard decision that I really had to sleep and sleep was not, in fact, optional.  There was so much good stuff going on too!  Ug - I didn't even sleep much - staying up might have been the better choice, but I did not.  Really itching to start writing this stuff though.

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