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weekends and NOWD and sleep deprivation and who knows what else?

Saying I'm rather tired is a bit of an understatement right now, LoL!  Night of Writing Dangerously (NOWD) ended a few hours ago and I got a small nap in but I'm forcing myself to stay awake so I can sleep all night.  It was an event that had us writing from about 6pm to 6am.  My goal was to write 10K during this and unfortunately we didn't have internet there or else my nano calendar would reflect the right spread; I did about 7K yesterday between the morning trying to make up for not getting my words in Friday, and did about 4.5K after midnight.  I was very bitter when I realized as we turned in our final words that I was not, in fact, 1.5K away from my goal, but a mere 500 words. I was ever so bitter.

I can't really remember my last post and I'm too lazy to open up another window to see when I wrote it. 

So I'll just cover the weekend!!!!

Friday was fun; a fellow NaNo'r came over sometime Friday evening and we quite literally stayed up the entire night watching movies, baking and doing a very little amount of writing.  I think I managed 2K the entire time she was here!  We baked two batches of cupcakes, a red velvet batch that's stained my stovetop (oops!) and a devil's food batch; I also made a funfetti cake to commemorate her birthday since we found out only after the fact.  I believe we watched, in order: Repo! Genetic Rock Opera, Mirrormask, The Last Unicorn,  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and then three or four episodes of Burn Notice.

I'd wanted to watch Repo! Genetic Rock Opera just out of curiosity.  It was created to fit a more cult audience.  I have one friend who swears it is the most god awful movie ever made.  I know another who adores it.  I think it's interesting; the premise is that the world has progressed to the point where organ failure just happens and a company has emerged to provide organs - except if you can't pay your organ financing then the organs are repossessed by Repo-Man.  It is a very gory movie, but not disgusting gore.  It had a fun graphic novel aspect to it.  The music was a bit cheesy but also very catchy.

Mirrormask was a movie made by the Hensen company that I really enjoyed.  It was wonderfully whimsical and artistic and funky.  A bit darker at times than some of their movies but still super fun.

I think she left around 5am or 6am and I slept for about 8 hours before getting up to slowly meander around the house and get my stuff together to go to the NOWD.  I feel that I was overly prepared; I brought a ton of stuff but also used most of it.  I wound up sitting in the "couch room" which had been planned to be the "quiet room" - it wound up being the very loud room.  It was a great, grand time!  Dear lord, get a room full of novelists together and you're going to get some interesting material.  There was a sign in the foyer that said, "Go to Jesus and Turn Right" the smaller text said for some class or something.  Thus ensued the hilarity of jokes that involved, "going to Jesus," and lets just said we beat the horse dead and then paraded it around on rollers - and it was still funny to us who were so exhausted.  I left around 6:30 or 7am I think...

Came home, slept a bit and now I'm awake; watched a movie, Burn Notice is playing now and I really should think about doing laundry and putting dishes away or doing something else.  I do intend to write a bit more, but no idea how much I'll get done really.

My story is coming along nicely, I think my tone is changing, I'm not really certain.  I think I need to finish the book and then revise it and solidify the overall tone for the book.  I'm just about halfway through my outline and looking forward to getting on to some of the more actiony and less set-up bits.  Right - I'm rambling now. Time to jump off this boat.

3 thoughts:

pamela said...

thanks for stopping by! or should you thank me for stopping by?

still sleep deprived and havent slept since sunday MORNING.. no sleep last night.. at all! Gaaah.

how are your blog posts so neatly written? you crazy novelist, you!

Cid said...

THAT is neat?? That's a complete ramble, I at least attempt to follow one stream of consciousness but it doesn't always work. I have no idea - I just like blogging, LoL! Know the state of sleep deprivation all too well right now @_@

Anonymous said...

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