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survey says: frusteration! (how many times can you use a word?)

I want to write - but not so much on my  novel today. I know I want to write on it at some point today - just not right now.  I'm sort of frusterated with the lack of subplot through this first section and really am considering pushing myself to finish the novel pre-December and go back and add bits and pieces into the first bit to make the closing of this first section ever so much more satisfying to the reader. I feel that the dislikeable characters are not unlikeable enough and the one character I'd been so ready to paint as a terrible old man never appeared except as a name in a list of attendees for two or three events.  I'm frusterated and I really hate the last section I wrote; in my head it was so witty and fun but when I started typing it came out flat and uninteresting.  I'm frusterated with my lack of inspiring writing.

I'm also frustrated that other people cannot keep up with one measly reply to a co-writing thing that's going on and there are other people waiting.  If it weren't for the fact that one of the people who has already submitted their bit royally ticked me off because of his lack of consideration for the other writers in the group I would probably just plow ahead and write out the next bit taking the other two writers silence as acquiescence to whatever I choose to be the next move for the story; granted I'm the one weaving the overall story, they just create more subplot than major arc which is getting old and getting us all bogged down. I'd really like two cinder-blocks and the opportunity to bash some heads.

I think I'm still harboring some frustrations from Tuesday night.  See, I hit 50K sometime Monday and as a reward had some people over, made a nice dinner and sat down to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  I think I would have enjoyed the movie were it not for the company and the constant feeling of being badgered for OMG KNOWING SOMETHING ABOUT X-MEN! Serriously - just because for some small fraction of my childhood I liked the cartoon and happened to read a few of the comics when we were still traveling and I happen to know something about the characters - that makes it alright to mock me for an evening?  However, Gambit being in the movie made me ever so happy and the actor who played him was unknown to me - but I loved it.  It's what really saved the movie for me.

I was startled to learn that Ryan Reynolds - one of the actors in the Wolverine movie - is such a huge comic fan.  Unfortunatly I don't particularily care for him because of some of the rolls he's chosen to play, the characters are too far stuck in my head that I feel too much dislike of him to like him now.  He is, however, in the upcoming Deadpool and Green Lantern movies, both of which I would see willingly.

So yesterday I learned that finally - FINALLY - Boondock Saints: All Saints Day is being released; the midnight showing is tonight but I won't be going.  I am toying with the idea of finding a showing tomorrow night and going; I'm a huge BS fangirl though I don't own a single shirt or any memorabilia from the movie - except the like, ultimate collectors edition of the movie....yeah.

This week is crazy but I think after this one I should be able to manage the rest of the month pretty handily.  I haven't read any of my blogs, really - and I look at the list in my updated box and just wanna sit here for a while and read and read and read - but I can't.  It's almost time for work so I really should get to that, as I have neatly wasted away all my possible morning writing time with my frusterated blog and talking about movies - go me!  So far I have left this week is seeing the Lance Armstrong movie with my mom tonight and plans for Friday night are uncertain.  I think I should check with Alicia to see if she would be up for seeing BS and Repo! Rock Opera before at my place whilst baking for the NOWD on Saturday-Sunday.

I need something to make me a happier person today; I'm just feeling a lot of pent up frusteration that has yet to get out.  Maybe I should invest in a punching bag?

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