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125K, Robin McKinley, and pre-Thanksgiving

Okay, so my last blog was like, terrible and I was so grouchy that day for a lot of different reasons and I know better than to really post stuff when I'm like that so - I'm sorry.

On to better news!!!!!

Robin McKinley's pep-talk was sent out while I was sleeping!!!  OMG I'm so happy.  I really liked it too; she talked about how she realized a book she was working on should really be two books, which is where I'm at only it's three.  I really liked it, and it was a great read for me right now  ^__^ 

I made the decision yesterday that my NaNoWriMo novel really will be split into three, light volumes.  I'm thinking the set will be called The Barking Dog, because I'm attached to the symbolism behind that, and then yesterday the individual names for the books just fell into my lap; Suspicion, Premonition, and Intuition.  They fit, I think, I really like it so yes. 

Yesterday I was like giddy hyper, so I didn't blog because I couldn't sit still long enough to pull words out of the air.  I didn't even START writing yesterday until about 5pm when I did a word-war with the @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter.  I cranked out words pretty easily yesterday like that just because it was like I was on Speed all day; I still sort of feel a bit jittery like that but much more manageable today.  I'm hoping to reach 5K early this evening so I can run over and hang out with my friend who had surgery Monday before the Thanksgiving crazies eat us all.

I fully intend to latch onto the open days to write over the holiday and crank out the end of Premonition and if I can get started into Intuition I will.  Unfortunately I think all I can hope for is a rough draft of Suspicion and Premonition in November; Intuition will probably be what I crank out in December during my vacation time.  That is my goal...

Thanksgiving!  Right.  Tomorrow I'll pull myself out of bed semi-early and trek to my parents house and set up my laptop there and crank out words and talk to my mom and ignore whatever football stuff is on tv.  Holidays are a small thing with our family; at most it will be my parents, my Mamaw and possibly my Grandmother - and that's it.  No pressure, nice relaxing day - I hope.  I'll come home in the evening and actually go to bed - because it'll be Black Friday!

The one and only reason I will be getting up early on Friday - to be at Half Priced Books at 7am to attempt for the gift cards they are giving out to their first customers of the day.  I might try to meander into Best Buy to drool at the notebook I want but that's not for sure; I will probably drive by and gauge if I go in by the amount of cars in the parking lot.  Yup!

I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything except my now building interest to write on my novel.  The pep-talk has me with the itch to write!!!

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pamela said...

125k? Im barely at 42!!!

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