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Have you seen my marbles?

Oh dear LORD! Thanksgiving is like - right around the corner!! Where did that come from??

I need to get out the Christmas tree. I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas cards - this is a nightmare...I have become increasingly more and more forgetful as all I'm thinking about is my novel this month.  I've left my apartment without my lunch several times now, forgotten I left things out, I've been leaving my phone in weird places or completely turned off.  Goodness - I really have lost my marbles!  But the month is half over, I'm within sight of 100K, I can almost taste it - and I can feel the build up of events in the novel; it's just all the little streams trickling into a river that's swelling to the moment a damn, somewhere, is gonna burst!

Except this process has made me extremely tired.  I now lay in bed for an hour, yes an hour, as my alarm clock goes off in my ear before crawling - yes, really, I crawl out of bed - around 7 - 7:10 and somehow scoot out of the apartment between 7:30 & 7:40 and somehow, by the grace of God, make it to work not even on time - EARLY!  I am having the best luck this month; seriously.

Plans are underway to see Boondock Saints: All Saints Day sometime this weekend which really excites me.  Combined with a write-in and it's the best way to spend a Saturday right now.  The new Star Trek movie came out yesterday and I really want to buy it, but I'm making myself wait.  I can't even watch my freaking Netflix, I'm not buying a movie to collect dust on it's pretty little shiny plastic cover until I have time and the state of mind to think about anything other than my novel for a 2 hour period, kay?  I've had Duplicity for probably two or three weeks now; really.  And I really wanted to see it too! Crank and Crank 2 should be coming in as well in the near future, both of which I also really want to see but will probably hold on to for a few weeks until I have time, again, time.

The novel.  It's going well; conflict is still building up.  The poor FMC is having a rough time and it's only about to get worse.  I really think she's getting off lucky; if I would have thought about the plot matrix before hand, her literary life would have been Hades. Editing will not be nice to her nerves I think.  Dear lord I'm blogging about my character as if she's real; someone please shoot me now??

Um, blogs - we all know I love reading blogs. I need to read more news and current events blogs I think; but we'll save that for after NaNoWriMo, kay?  Well, something funny first off.  The Inkwell Bookstore Blog I discovered yesterday; their posts are hilarious, really!  They had a whole string of comical posts involving NaNo or advice on NaNoWriMo - back read people!  Well this morning in a blurb in their blog they revealed that some author who had been writing under a pen name and was unknown even to her own editor and publisher and agent, etc - revealed herself.  The woman who blogs in character about her time spent as a fancy prostitute is actually, a neurotoxicology scientist in London and revealed herself to one of her biggest critics.  The story was good for one of those head shaking laughs where you don't really know what to think of the world at the moment.

I am getting antsy about wanting to reread all of the Wheel of Time books again, but resisting because THEY ARE STILL UNFINISHED! I refuse to yet again become involved in a relationship with a book series that is unfinished; I get left hanging and ignored and hurt and I just can't take it!  Well, maybe after November I could.  I do, however, love reading how WoT has inserted it's self into the lives of people - thus this wonderful chuckle I got from EA's blog.  (Yes I did censor the title of the blog.)

Last night I talked to a fellow NaNoWriMo friend who is attempting to spear head a year round writing group that would really function more as a monthly or bi-monthly traveling write-in.  I like the idea; the ideas I used to come up with so easily and so often are crawling out of the recesses of my brain and clamoring for attention now that I promise to pay them at least a shred of attention instead of going, "Oh, I'm sorry - you aren't related to so-and-so's class, I just can't write you into Modern Hermeneutics! Sorry alien boys!" Yeah, well, maybe not really alien boys but you get the idea.  We were both a bit edgy about the idea of people critiquing our stuff; I know, I know, I know I take things far too personally and that's something I have to always, always, always be conscious of.  I really need to stretch my writerly wings again, get a few drafts under my belt, maybe anther project or two and work my way into really wanting feedback.  It didn't really help that Fuel for Your Writing posted this blog entitled How to be an Editor's Best Friend, in which makes me realize I need to take criticism better; like really!  Funny enough, over on the BookEnds, LLC blog they posted about The Benefit of Critique Groups, in which it didn't really seem all that much like a benefit as much of an - "If that works for you awesome!  It's not for everyone." 

There was another blog that talked about writing really good dialogue and I cannot for the life of me recall where I saw it; I think it was a link via Twitter from Inky Girl but I really wish I had snagged the link.  It defined about four categories of dialogue and how people write.  I think I am a Fuzzy Dice type of person who describes things far too much and is too verbose.

Should you really want your head to explode, EA does a great blog on understanding the money of publishing a book - What's the difference between earning out my advance and making a profit for my publisher?  Really - my head hurts too bad to read this now - but later, some other day in the distant future - after November - I want to come back to this one.

And I really want a Tim Tam.....so I can do the Tim Tam Slam.

Dear lord, work approaches - must flee to work!!!!!!


I found it!!!!!!!!  Beginners' Four Faults.   I'm totally Furry Dice  >__<

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