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when you don't know what the title should be, ramble on about the suffocating principal of being required to have one.

This will be a haphazard, messy blog. My apologies. I don't remember when I wrote my last blog or what it was about. Right now I don't remember a lot of things. I'm very tired, just slept about 12 hours after returning from Oklahoma and I'm allowing myself to piddle around until noon, by which time I really need to have taken a shower, cleaned my Chinchilla cage and eaten *something* (it doesn't really matter at this point what it is).  By noon I want to settle in on my couch and start cranking out todays goal of 10K.  I'm going to give myself from about noon until 11, and from 11 to midnight I need to get ready for the work week and figure out what to do with the mound of clean clothes.  Washing them isn't hard...it's the putting away that's killing me.

I'm at 34,395 words, writing the last section in chapter four.  I realized my novel will have three "books" in it, with each book having four sections and each section having as many chapters as is needed. This will help my 10K chapters turn into far more easily manageable reading bits for my poor friends who have blindly offered to read it. I pity them. Amanda is working on the first draft of chapters 1-3 right now with a red pen. I lay awake in bed afraid of what she's doing to it.  She sat next to me trying to read it while I was writing before The Office came on Thursday, I got maybe 30 words written because she was making me so nervous, moving that red pen around! I finally made her stop - I couldn't take it.

Oklahoma was a good trip. We went shopping way too much - but we're girls - that happens - oh well. It was probably also the last big shopping for me to be done before 2010.  The party was fun.  We played games and established that I carry the most crap around in my purse.  I also "won" this greatly awesome pomegranate lotion; how I <3 pomegranate.  I also <3 late night runs for snacks; I don't do those anymore. It was fun

Um, ah - I don't know what else to say - so I'm going to go see about that Chinchilla cage and a shower. And food. Can't forget food.

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