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elaborating on what I didn't say - and day 3 of NaNoWriMo

Since I don't have time to really write anything on my NaNo before 8am and I got to work early today - thank you screwy time change - I'm going to make more of an effort to blog today.  Yesterday was a bunch of silly frustrations: they're doing construction outside my office in the parking lot and the jackhammer was about to give me a migraine, the fans plugged in to air out the 1st floor after the building flooded vibrate the floor of my office thus all of my furniture, my book club seems to take half an hour answering one question, I couldn't have my laptop at the book club, two people in our book club who normally do not bother me were all over my nerves last night (one never likes any book we read, except for the overtly Christian books and the other hardly ever reads the books yet talks the most and has an opinion on all the questions/answers - normally both reactions are funny, I think I just wanted the book club to go faster and their commentary made it last about 2.5 hours - which I could have been writing).

I did finally get a two paragraph portion I really liked well enough to post as an excerpt on my NaNoWriMo page.  It has a nice, pointless description of the city and then a drop of - 'hey what was that?' I'm sure as things unfold there will be something much more interesting to include.

I was really happy that both Alicia and Linda showed up for my write-in at La Madeline.  Apparently someone else showed up after the posted time-frame that we would all be there; I feel bad but I said several times that I would be leaving at such-and-such time and Linda said she'd only ever be able to stay an hour and some change at most.  Next week one of the ML's thinks she will come so I'm happy - and LM is a nice place to be - if we can hopefully not have the obnoxious table talking about their latest exploits in the drag community (yes, drag, as in men dressing as women).

Today we have been issued a challenge of writing 4K as our region is in an average word war with a smaller Connecticut region, "David versus Goliath" and their ML put it.  With such a big region we also have more people who sign up and then don't contribute so those of us who are writing away must write more to make up for their non-writing.  It's not total words here, it's per-person average.  That's a big difference.

Tonight I need to: clean the Chinchilla cage, get my dad a birthday present, go grocery shopping, and take out the trash.  I'm also hoping I can make it to Colleyville for the write-in there since those seem to do me good and I like the social aspect of it yet I'm still able to focus and get a lot done.  Anyways - I'll edit this tonight if/when I get stuff done
It's not EOD yet, but I have more to say now.  I think I'm a little sleep deprived because I have a very short patience for things and I'm getting grumpy at stuff easily.  We're talking insurance for next year at my company and last time we had to change it was an unplanned move and happened quickly - our provider went under basically.  I wound up getting the short end of the stick because I was not a Florida resident.  I had to pay more out of my pocket than I thought I could afford, wound up making it, but I can no longer put money back into a retirement/savings plan which makes me nervous, period.  Well talking of moving insurance again makes me nervous because I really cannot afford to pay more out of pocket for insurance since I moved into the apartment I live in now.  Should insurance go up I'm going to have to evaluate where I'm at and what I have to bargain with and make some tough choices I don't want to think about now.  Sometimes life stinks.
Crap - I just realized I still need to write my Christmas Cards at some point so they're ready to send out the day after Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Did go shopping for dad.
Didn't go grocery shopping.
Did have dinner with Kara.
Didn't make it to write-in on time because I got lost.
Did write at write-in.
Didn't make 6K daily goal, finished right over 5K.
Did reach 18,840

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