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Day 1 of NaNoWriMo

I'm probably too tired to be writing anymore words, but that's not sticking in my brain right now.  I think it's Sunday - actually - I know it's Sunday because I just checked to make sure.  This weekend has been busy, but thankfully not as busy as I had feared.  Friday I hung out with Amanda's family and knitted.  I had to put aside the project I was working on for Sam as I realized I'd pretty much forgotten my co-workers birthday and the thing I thought she would really like was a scarf.  So I'm working on an angel-hair scarf in what I would call Academy Green.  This is the color we wear to trade-shows and what our instructors wear when on site at a clients place.  It's a pale green color and impossibly soft.  Very fun  :)

Saturday I had big plans for - which included a trip to Ikea and grocery shopping and lots of stuff.  Little of it happened.  Woke up too late to go to Ikea.  I went to go to Ross - the line was stretched to the back of the store. Went to go grocery shopping and the whole dang parking lot was full.  However, I did go to church and worked in the coffee shop. It was okay.  It's not as fun as my last coffee gig, but it was cool.

I went to the NaNoWriMo kickoff around 10pm, and set up my stuff and chit-chatted with the people there.  The ML (group leader) expected about 15-20 people and around 50 showed up.  We were packed in there like sardines, it was fun! People wore costumes, we did hourly contests to see who could write the most in ten minutes and whatnot.  I almost won one of the word wars - almost!  I wrote until about 5:20am (the correct 5:20 am after the time change) and realized I was far to exhausted to continue, had something just over 6,000 words and called it a night - but didn't sleep until almost 7am. 

My alarm went off at noon and I got up to putter around my place for like an hour before making cinnamon rolls and intending to write - that was almost immediately derailed by my friend texting me to say that the latest Tool Academy episode aired early so of course I ran over to her place to see it. After that it was Home Group and then grab some food and head home to log in 2,000 more words to finish off tonight a little over 8,000. I'd hoped for more, but I've nicely doubled my expected word count for today, which was originally 4,000.  Well, now it is 10pm and I'm by no means making much sense so I'm going to go to sleep.

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