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For some reason, since last night I have really had the urge to burp - but I like, can't. At all. It's very annoying.

In other news..... Here's some interesting links that yeah, you might like!  The Inkwell Bookstore Blog posted a link to this website that showcases art used on multiple book covers; this proves that when I know I've seen a picture somewhere, but a title may not be ringing a bell - I'm not as crazy as I think I am!  I really liked this comic about eReaders.  I've sort of started wanting one, but I have decided that until they come out with a color one, I don't need one.  Yup - that's my opinion!

So I think I'm going to dye my hair next week; torn between a reddish color, a really dark brown or a medium brown.  Forcing myself to ignore the urge to go back to black.....What do you think?  It needs to happen before the wedding.

So the newsletter for Waking the Bear - a "colony" of missionaries in Russia - came out Nov 20th.  If you know me very well, you will probably know how dearly I want to go back and live in Russia; I've had this plan and desire set in stone since I was 16.  Reading their newsletter makes me really hate my life, the economy and everything that keeps me rooted where I am now.  If things were not so tight and if I could pay off these bills I would go in a heartbeat, however I am still here - working and amusing myself as I can, still nursing my dream to go do like two years over seas.  I don't think I am the life time missionary sort; that I would ever feel the that I would be involved in organized religion still sort of surprises me.  I made my choice to be a Christian not based on other Christians - they were the worst thing about my early choice actually - but because it was the right choice, it was what made sense to me and still does.  It was a logical and emotional choice and I have never regretted it or doubted it though I do frequently question motives or reasoning behind things.

My NaNo novel is roughly half done now.  I got about 6K written today, which I really needed because close to nothing got done yesterday. Last night I went to a write-in in Arlington; didn't get a whole lot of actual writing done - but dear lord we had a good time!  From talking about our novels, the grand total of TWO word wars we did, the pizza, watching crazy youtube videos mocking Twilight and generally mocking it, we had a lot of fun, but a little writing. Honestly, it was pretty much worth it to just enjoy the crazy company of a bunch of people as crazy about stuff as I/we were.  Today was much better; I wrote 1K at home then packed my happy butt off to Borders where I wrote up to about 6K.

And then.

We went to see the brand friggen new Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day movie.  Dear lord that was amazing!  Okay so while it's still in the same vein of kick booty awesome as the first, it is more comical and plays to the cult audience a lot.  I am going to force myself to say nothing more because I am so excited about this movie, I know I will give stuff away.  All I have to say is that I'm super excited about this quote...


In an October 27 article, director Troy Duffy and actor Billy Connolly mention details regarding a possible sequel. They maintain that it is slowly in the works and is still just an idea. Duffy insists that he wants to get a few more of his films done before returning to the Boondock Saints. The article also mentions a possible comic detailing events preceding the first film, such as a more in depth exploration of Il Duce and his rise to prominence. The proposed third installment would be titled "The Boondock Saints III: In Nomine Patris".
I saw it tonight, and will possibly watch it again tomorrow (Sunday) as well as once or twice more.

Okay, well, I know I had more witty things to say but they have all left my little brain as I continue to dream about the amazingness that is Boondock Saints.

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