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150K? Maybe? What do you think?

I think I've lost out on my regular blog reading, my email hasn't been checked and I'm sort of avoiding starting on today's writing.  I think I realized Tuesday that 50K was not a difficult goal anymore.  Heck, I'll be halfway there today quite easily, 1,048 more words and I've hit it to be exact.  Anyways!  I've uped my goal.  At first I was all, well 100K would be a good goal! But I think that I can say with confidence that I could, in fact, reach that.  So I uped it again to 150K and now I feel swamped and behind and a tad bit panicked.  That's what I need! So that's my goal. I'm challenging myself to write 5K every single day without fail and so far I've reached it or surpassed it though the last two days doing it was difficult.  Today will be difficult as well.

Today I need to: get some groceries, plus some padding presents for Danielle's wedding shower, and wrapping paper to wrap the presents, cook dinner for guests, probably clean chinchilla cage, wash clothes, pack for the weekend, but concert tickets for Amanda's birthday, get eyebrows waxed, see about a haircut and maybe coloring my hair again, cleaning wouldn't be a bad idea and then write, write, write, write, write.  It's also The Office night AND the 5th of November (I always watch V for Vendetta on this day) so...I have a lot todo.

I'm considering that tomorrow after I get off work at noon I can run out to get my eyebrows done and a quick trim at like GreatClips or something; it's not like my hair is incredibly difficult anymore, it's long and has some layers.  I know that would put me into OKC a little later than I'd hoped but I was going to be getting there pretty early, an hourish wouldn't be too bad to save my sanity tonight, right?

Yesterday was a big day for writing.  I had my meet-cute, someone died, and the dogs made their grand entrance.  Big day yesterday!  Today will be pretty big as well, if I can get psyched up enough to start.  I think I need to break down and have some coffee....

Also hate my bookcover I did, it's silly and reflects nothing of the book. Considered posting something in the artists forum but I don't want to bother anyone with doing it.  Just because I think it's a cool idea doesn't mean anyone else will.

Rambling, will stop, going for coffee now.

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