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Where has the time gone?

Oh my, time really goes by quickly, doesn't it?  Good grief, I've slept a lot the last few days.

I will not have time to finish this blog before 8am, so it'll be saved and edited later, but for now know I'm in the office pre-8am and actually, oh dear LORD! Reading all the blogs I have not for quite some time.  I found I missed an opportunity to enter a blog contest I would have otherwise have jumped at, but what can you do?  I did, however, find this intriguing contest EA is hosting for a book, Mentors, Muses and Monsters.  So I will be thinking about that like, tomorrow...or some day that does not fall in the parentheticals of November.

Also, The Inkwell Bookstore blog posted this today on the lists of 2009 I will have to pour over some other time.  As well as this post, from Ask a Literary Agent - where they discuss the length of a book for submission.  Yet more confirmation making the decision to cut my book in 1/3's is a great idea!

I got terribly little done on my NaNo novel during the holiday. I had anticipated having much more done and even finishing days ago and powering through to reach the end of Premonition...but I fear it will be the end of December by the time that is done and I can go back and revise Suspicion enough to show up at critique group and participate, and only THEN can I think about even starting to write Intuition AS I continue to revise.  I feel like drowning just thinking about it (not really, it's just before 8am, Monday morning.)

Oh well.  Thanksgiving was wonderful.  I wound up writing a ton Wednesday and then little bits of drivel here and there over the last few days.  Thanksgiving Thursday I went to my parents house, walked in the door and was immediately given the task of creating a Turkey from a squash, a pear,bits of cheese, bell pepper, grapes and skewers. I still swear it looks more like a Doxin than a Turkey - but what do I know? I only have Chinchillas.  (I find it obnoxious that after spell-checking Doxin and googling it to make sure I knew what I was talking about, I still get the red line under the word.)  For lack of anything else to do and too many distractions to write I laid down on the couch to stare blankly at men in spandex tackling each other......and fell asleep for about three hours.  Yes. Three hours.  My grandmothers left and didn't even say goodbye.  I left later that night and went home; I think I tried writing - and went to sleep fairly early.

Friday I braved the craziness of the mall and went shopping. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I'd feared and I actually got most of my shopping done.  WalMart was pretty much completely deserted and I got to shop without wishing ill on any one - except I was more than a little creeped out by the guy who walked up to me and grabbed my arm while I was deciding whether or not to give canned potatoes another shot or not.  See, I go grocery shopping with my iPod, I find it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable - except if anyone speaks to me and I don't see them - I don't hear them.  So this guy just reaches out and helps himself to examining my arm.  Wound up having a lovely conversation with him, but the beginnings were strange.  I also dyed my hair Friday; I had too many colors going as it was so now it's a semi-even black cherry color that over my brown hair will fade to a reddish brown, very unnatural color in time.  For now it just looks sort of ambiguously purple.  I'm okay with that. I'm also going to have to realize my hair is long enough I will need two bottles of dye from here on out if I do this myself.  I know I did more things Friday; I think there was baking involved and going to Cassy's house....

Saturday I slept in.  I did a lot of sleeping until 10 or even noon these last few days - and going to bed before midnight!  I did writing; not enough really and truely.  And then went to my bestfriends surprise birthday party.  Her family had one planned jointly for her, her sisters' fiance and her other sisters' husband but because of pre-surgery stuff she could not attend and knowing very well it would hurt her feelings they planned this one in advance, but just didn't tell her.  It was great.  She's not the kind to suspect anything at all! It was a really fun evening - however I learned AGAIN that I really stink at playing Chicken Foot.

Sunday I had planned to spend powering through the last 7K to finish my NaNoWriMo novel, but opened my NaNoMail to find yet another hate mail message, which after reading four words I deleted.  I twittered about it again and some other people picked up on it and unlike before when I mentioned the previous two I've gotten ML's got involved and now I realize that instead of deleting them I should have handed them over.  Oh well.  It did throw me into a funk for the rest of the day.  I wrote terribly and hardly anything so my friend Kyle coming over was a welcomed break.

We got soup at Panera and came home via Half Priced Books looking for cheap Christmas movies - which I did not find. I did, however, find a copy of Alan Moore's V for Vendetta and Watchmen, which I've wanted to read.  Not so much Watchmen except his characterization and setting are supposed to be fantastic.  We'll see if I finish reading it.  Completed last night putting up my Christmas tree and hanging ornaments around my apartment since this year the bottom quarter of the tree is not getting decorated nor the backside.  The goal for this Christmas is to get a tree topper.  I was just happy to have a tree and ornaments I liked last year that I just didn't bother with a topper.  I'd like one this year!

Thankfully once everyone left I did get a lot written last night before copping out at midnight and crawling into bed.  Today I need to write 3K to reach my own, personal goal. I can do this!!!

Also looking forward to a two-day work week this week!

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Anonymous said...

That turkey is awesome. You are WAY more creative than I could ever hope to be!!

Your hair looks AWESOME :D

wtf is Chicken Foot?

I wanted to put up the tree at my house this weekend but my parents decided that was a bad idea because they'd both grinches this year. Soonish, I suppose.

((btw, this is alicia, if you didn't get that already))

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