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When Roaches Attack

When Roaches Attack
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Okay, I think it's understood this is a stressful week for me what with my mother's awesome race and getting back to jump in head first into very serious work stuff.

I'm sure that in two days I'll laugh at this, but that anyone who reads this will get a good laugh out of it right now. Now once before I had a similar instance but it was in my kitchen and was easily solved by the garbage disposal. This time however, it's like 6am, I've set my alarm early so I can get a few extra things done, roll over after pressing snooze for a bit only.....

....something hisses at me!

I live in Texas where we've had an aweful lot of rattlensake issues - usually when something hisses at you it's a snake or rodent and in the current weather situation whatever has come inside is probably not happy. However a second later I see what it is - a gigantic, hissing cockroach. I still loose it; I can eat crickets in Thailand, but a hissing roach in Texas first thing in the morning destroyed me. I jumped out of bed, probably yelling and doing a squirm dance, start shaking the blanket off like an idiot and loose the thing. I then proceed to tear my bedroom apart looking for it for a long time. Long enough I think it's gone.

In defeat I go to the bathroom and start thinking about getting ready but I'm apprehensive about leaving the roach business unattended to. You see the owner of the company I work for is staying with me tomorrow and what would I feel like if the same thing happened to her? OMG I'd probably die. (No, not really, but I'd feel so bad and guilty and whatnot I'd want to) Anyways! I'm standing there, called my mom to whine and complain that suddenly me - who can handle plenty of blood and guts from doctoring livestock, assisting cows in giving birth, I can eat a fried cricket or frog with chopsticks, looses it to a stupid hissing bug...


The guilty bug crawls straight up to me. Yes, the bug just simpley scuttled over the faux wood floor in my bathroom where I promptly squished it a bit. I missed like half of it but it's dead. I of course then squealed to my mom and squirmed and finally put it inside an old candle jar, put plastic wrap over the top and left it on my leasing offices door step. I anticipate a phone call today.

Now for your viewing pleasure - my attacker. granted half of him is missing, it's probably either still on my floor or my shoe. He was about 3-4 inches long which as I understand for the type of roach it is is small... That makes me even more unhappy; that this is only a baby - mommy, daddy, and siblings are out there somewhere...

This is war.


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I failed at breakfast this morning.
I also failed at finishing up this day and posting this blog

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