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Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Okay, so I've been complaining, kicking and screaming about reading this book so I figured I would go ahead and chronicle my reaction to the book.  If it wasn't for the fact that this is my book club book - I would never have made it through the prologue.  I do not find reading about child rape or prostitution entertaining.  I know that Redeeming Love is the retelling of the Prophet Hosea's struggles with his former prostitute and adulterous wife, Gomer.  However, Redeeming Love is difficult for me to get through.  It's hard for me to even want the main character, Angel/Sara/Mara/Amanda/Tizpora/whatever else the author wants to call her, to actually want to fall in love with Michael Hosea.  I mean I don't know about you, but I would be freaked out and rebellious about the idea of a man hauling me off into the mountains when I was sick and then semi-forcing me to be his wife.  Is it any surprise that she runs away?  I would have!  There is something very cultish about his behavior that would scare me.  If you've ever met people who are that fanatical about something, it can either be inspiring or terrifying.  I think Michael Hosea would be terrifying; I'd never drink any kool-aid he'd offer me!

And does Michael ever do anything but play with her hair and lean his hip against things?  I'm being cynical, I know, but I find it challenging to believe his character.  He's an ideal, many, sensitive, religious, person I could list tons of other things about and never encompass all that he is supposed to be - and yet he lacks some character that makes me really not believe him.  He is anything and everything that the author needs him to be.  He is always patient - except when it suited for the plot to have some conflict.  The man had no faults; he was too perfect.  I'm sure even the prophet Hosea had flaws.

At least Angel/Sara/Amanda/Mandy/Mara/whatever - at least her character is for the most cut defined though I wouldn't be surprised if she were diagnosed with bipolar something or other.  She held onto these ideals these things that were the bedrock of her person and you saw - at least for the most part - her change.  Okay, in three places she's all nope, no, noway - OKAY!

And I think it's rather funny, but Thanksgiving wasn't even really considered a holiday until 1863 and it wasn't a national holiday until later.  The book takes place in the span of 1850-1856ish I believe.

For me, the first few hundred pages were a war to read.  I read them because I had to.  There's nothing anyone could have done to have kept me in Angel/Sara/Amanda/Mandy/Mara's place with a man like that.  It's the last 100 pages that make the story.  I'll never read it again, I'm not actually even a fan of this book.  I think there are some things wrong with the characters and the narration of the story is wacky.  Rivers does have a way with painting the setting so beautifully that does pull you along and that's the spell that kept me reading.

It also made me think of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  I kind of want to watch that now.

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