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Finally got to see Gamer tonight. Okay, I knew when I saw the concept of it that it wasn't going to be a good movie.  That would be too much to ask.  But it has Michael Hall in it - who I adore from the tv show Dexter.  Also, the lead is Gerard Butler who is generally fun to watch and has a history of good performances or movies - okay, some of them have sucked but 'eh.  John Leguizamo is also in it, for a while; he has a place in my heart.  He was the lead in a movie called The Pest that my friends and I watched a lot in junior high.

But the movie...oh my.  It's rated R for a reason.  There is graphic violence and nudity; the first I was expecting, the second I was hoping to avoid and get just a good action movie - but at least it's not like the useless Crank movies which I got conned into watching. 

The characters were pretty good, though Michael Hall's character, Castle, I didn't find 100% solid.  He came across as a deep southern good 'ol boy - who somehow creates this digital empire.  Gerard Butler's character, Kable, was more believeable though I don't think the reveal as far as the main motivation to his plot and character was well done.

The setting - eh - didn't require much.

The plot.  Okay.  It's an action movie - so it's pointless to warn you about the obvious violence, right?  I hope so.  You do get interested in the whole idea that a person can control another real person.  I thought that the whole, have so many battles and win your freedom, thing, was too a la Death Race for my taste.  I know I didn't care for the whole sexual aspect of controlling a person, but I understand the implications it raises for the plot.

The whole musical number was a bit much I believe.  It was interesting but - weird.  I could say more but I need to go to bed....

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