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End of January 2010 Goals Check-In

It's like... January 19th and I'm already evaluating what I've done with this month! I'm crazy sometimes - have I mentioned that?  I believe to this list I've added the 52 blogs in a year, the write 1K a day, and the read 50 books in a year challenges. LOL!

And now it's the 31st and I have to edit what I'd updated already, LoL!  I'm happy with how I've done on a lot of these; I'm really making some progress in some areas and I'm thrilled.  Lets see if February does better!!!!

Random Goals

Eat more fresh produce - Eating a lot of apples!  Occasionally some berries, but mostly apples.

Do something daily - The Wii helps this, but I need to be more dedicated about it.  I've gotten far more regular about this later in the month and supposedly in the last week have lost almost a full pound.  Not sure I believe that.

Go to a parade - Not yet.

Get a family photograph - Hmmm, I didn't even think about this.

Organize and cull closet - Ug. I really want to do this. I think I'll pick a weekend in the spring and do it then as my 'Spring Cleaning'.

Spiritual Goals

Stay faithful to one church for a year, volunteering in some capacity - I stopped volunteering at the cafe; it was just too much.  Still helping with the youth group tho!

Do a devotional book either solo or with someone or a group - I think I'll be doing this in the summer.

Music Goals

Go to more concerts -  Um, didn't in January.

Listen to more Christian music - I think I forgot about this one....

Find new groups - Didn't even think to look....

Writing Goals

2010 NaNoWriMo - Wrong month... I think I know what my story will be about!!!

Finish Premonition - I have a lot of new ideas for it!

Edit Suspicion - I started this monster and at first, as I have chronicled, it was a nightmare and threatened to capsize the whole project, but after a good, long conversation with my friend Chris and some revising and eventual rewriting this is well under way.

Edit Premonition -Yeah, not there yet.

Research for another project - I'm making plans for this.

Outline for my Graphic Novel idea - Haven't yet, though I get ideas for this periodically that get written down.

Outline for Love Unexpected - Um, haven't worked on this, but I have done some research.

Write something I believe in - I wrote a kids story! And I have some ideas for something I'd like to work on to fit this.

Complete another draft of a story - any of my ideas or something else - I gotta finish this one first!

Write 52 blogs in a year - I think this very blog is proof I'm under way. I'll probably write many more than just 52, but I want to support the cause!

Write 1.K a day - I wanted to write 1K a day that was not rp related or blog related but realized I couldn't do that every day.  I have started to keep a daily account of what I write and where.  The numbers are very interesting and tell a lot about where I spend my time.  I might share this next month.

Reading Goals

Read at least two writing books - I'm working through Gail Carson Levine's Writing Magic and loving it! I bought Becky Levine's book, The Critique Group Survival Guide!

Read all the Robin McKinley books - So far I've read The Hero and the Crown as well as The Blue Sword and Chalice.  I have several others on my shelf to get through.

Read something in a genre I'm not accustomed to reading - I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo now.  It's not in the general genre I read normally.  I am - however - liking it, not sure if I'll read the books that come after it.

Act on more book suggestions; at least four - I have several written down, but I haven't bought any of them - yet.

Read 50 books in a year - to date I've read 9, well, I don't know that I count Recorded Attacks, so 8.

Crafty Goals

Learn three new knitting things - Um, yeah, I should work on this.....

Have a successful patio garden - I think I'm already behind on the planning for this one!

Make Presents - Started strong! Made Courtney a birthday scarf!! Made a card, and working on another.

Money Related Goals

Pay off Express Credit Card - By the end of February, baby!!!!

Pay off Khols Credit Card - My sights are set on this one!!!

4 thoughts:

Becky Levine said...

Hey--Thanks for the mention of (and purchase!) of my book--hope you like it! :)

Alice said...

If you can help me keep focused/motivated with my writing goals, I can help you with your knitting/crafty goals!

Cid said...

@ Becky - Oh yes! I went to BnN Saturday to do revising and found it and kept leaving what I was doing to go, Hmmm - I wonder if she talks about THIS in here..... *searchsearchgetdistractedandread* oooooopse, supposed to be doing something!!!!

@ Alice YESYESYES!!!!!!!!

Allyson said...

Love the ongoing list of goals! It's so nice to be able to revisit a list like this to see what you've done and still need to do. I need to be better at this for myself!

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