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**Note - this will be picture heavy!**

Okay, so I've been sort of drooling over Bakerella's amazing cake-pops for a while now.  I know at least one other person who will be trying these at some point - but this weekend will be my first foray into this!  Since I'm not exactly sure what I'm going for, I snagged a all the candy melts they had.  Here is what I am equipped with.
  • 1 box red velvet cake mix
  • container of cream cheese icing
  • 3 packages of 50 count lollipop sticks
  • 3 packages of 50 count candy bags
  • 2 square cake boxes
  • 2 sheets of styrafoam
  • 1 glitter sprinkle canister
  • 2 Valentine seasonal sprinkle canisters
  • 1 huge multi-pack Christmas canister (probably just use the red or green plain sprinkles)
  • 5 different candy melts (white, red, rose/pink, dark chocolate, milk chocolate)
  • an ice cream scoop
  • oil
  • eggs
....and I think that's it.  I'll be following Bakerella's instructions, which you can find on her various kinds of cake-pop pages.  I think I'm going to make one small experimental batch and then try for cupcake pops because she says those are easiest.

 I mixed the cake batter in the sink after the last incident with red velvet cake left me scrubbing my stove for a week!  Really there is nothing special about baking the cake - just follow the instructions on the box!

So the cake cools and you crumble it.  And then.... you mix it up with cream cheese icing!!!!

Rolling it into balls for regular pops and then sort of cylindrical things for cupcakes.  Gets your hands real dirty!!

At this point you're supposed to put the sticks in them, using some candy melts but I had to go to church so mine got chilled and then I did all the melt work and sticks.

Now I'm chilling them again so everything's nice and solid.  And then - the decorating!!!  However, during all of this I think my microwave did something funny.  Sunday morning I got to work semi-early for me on a weekend.  I started with the cupcake pops since they get the most layers.  I really think that I made those all too big and the cake is too moist.  I think it should be more cakey.  At least I saved more than I lost!!  I bumbled and put some of the pictures on my camera's internal memory and I don't know yet how to get those off so I only have these few from the first foray into the dipping.


 Next... the pops!  I did the red and pink ones and took a break.  The pops are definatly easier to dip but I don't quite have the hang of getting them smooth.  I assume that comes with practice.

I tried showing off the candy melts in the cup but it just looks like blurry, red goo....  I like the cupcake-pops, they're super cute and are easier to decorate even if you have to dip them more often.

Blah.  I've been doing cleanup as I go - but there aren't any instructions for how to clean up candy-melt!!!! I have a feeling there will be a butter knife and scraping involved......

So the white ones were the most difficult to dip.  I did two layers of melt over them all before I was satisfied, however I think that given the Valentine's theme they look the best when decorated.
My favorite is by far the white cupcake-pops.  I think they're just freaking adorable.  If I do these next weekend - which with me doing church all weekend is super iffy - I will probably just do them all like this.

I'll do clean-up later.  For now - I have cake on sticks!!!!!!

5 thoughts:

Alice said...

Freaking. Awesome. They look delicious! I bought some of the materials to start with, and next week I will buy some more. Hopefully I can try to create my own cake-pops on later on in the week. I can't wait!

..I bet you had a blast making a mess, didn't you? :)

Cid said...

It was a lot of fun ^__^ I spaced out the process over Friday - Sunday. I would suggest using disposable stuff as often as possible. Cleaning up the melts is a pain in the arse. I'm not sure how I will get it off of these two forks I used to fish stuff out of the melts when it fell off of the stick. I also bought extra sticks and used them to help encourage the excess melt off and join the coat of melt to the melt used to adhere the pop to the lollipop.... if that makes sense!!!! Can't wait to see how yours go!!!!!

Jessica said...

You are so freakin' crafty! XD <3 These look gorgeous. Just think of the amazing cooking/baking we could do together!??!?!

Elizabeth said...

NEAT! Once my kitchen is cleaned out from this last batch of binge-cooking, I might have to give them a try, finally.

Cid said...

Oh yes, they were super fun. I think the next time I make them (in like two weeks) I should get someone to do it with me. I suggest buying extra lollipop sticks. I kept using them to stir the melts or encourage the extra melt to go places I wanted it on the pop. Namely smoothing it over the base where it joined the stick. I think I saved several who wanted to fall off by doing a quick coating and securing that. ^__^

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