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Forget Wednesday, Monday Hijacked my Week!

So if I dared to think that yesterday was a crazy mess of stuff - today was worse.  Because it's work stuff I'm not really going to explain it except that by noon I was considering how nice and isolated the space under my desk looked, but by 3pm I could see a promising light!

I even picked Practical Demonkeeping up again during lunch for some mindlessness and discovered - the second chapter and third were much better than the first! I'm starting to have the feeling that's how Fluke has to be - because I've heard such good things about it! ....but the first chapter...I can't finish it! I may just have to jump to the second.  I don't anticipate finishing it today as I have a nice little laundry list of things I would like to do.  Like dye my hair, put the frelling Christmas tree away, clean the bathroom and the sink area (maybe scrub the tub!), actually put laundry away (what a novel thought!), cook a freaking meal for the first time in a while, change out light-bulbs so I can see in my bedroom and do something about the pile of jewelry on my dresser and the shoes at the foot of the bed.

And something has to be done about the rabbit.  I swear all she does is DRINK and PEE, which makes things SMELL.  And now she is at my place indefinitely.  Oh my.  Well, something will have to happen because I need to de-smell my place for the Crafty Day on Sunday.  She might have to hang out on the patio on Sunday.  I swear I change her cage twice as much as I do my Chinchillas and it still smells.


The next day.....

This is sort of like two blogs in one since I - ah - forgot to finish this yesterday! I went home and promptly began a systematic method of being lazy and having bursts of energy and doing something.  My hair is dyed, the bedroom has light in it again, I cooked, the Christmas tree is disassembled and ready to be put in a box .... Now I just need some serious deodorizer for my place and to maybe, finally figure out what's wrong with the vacuum cleaner! I think it needs to be taken completely apart... I'm thinking I may need to take it to a vacuum repair place. Do they have those in the city?  I can't find anything on yelp.com and I've taken apart all the pieces I know how to take apart and it's still not working.  Ug!

At least today seems to be looking better than the rest of the week - as far as work goes.  Everyone is happy, things are going well and I'm so happy about that!  Tonight I'll go see either Legion or Book of Eli at the movies and bake cake for more cake-pops.  Saturday is National Pancake Day so I'm thinking about setting up shop at an IHOP and eating pancakes and doing some much needed revision.  Well, I say much needed because besides Monday I haven't had any time to work on it at all! So sad.  :(  And I'm at a funny part too!  I decided on some motivation for the FMC which will be better than her just doing stuff just because.

Oh, and sometime over the last week I wrote my 100th blog... And I didn't even realize it! I should have had a blog party or something, or made a nice little speech. Oh well!

Ug - I have a headache and it's lunchtime and I'm not eating.... what's wrong with me?

5 thoughts:

pamela said...

did you say blog party?

because im so in!

only if she isnt invited..

Cid said...

there will be cake-pops at my blog party and i won't invite SHE since, well.... we aren't friends :P

Anonymous said...

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