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Weekend Wonders

So I made the decision that to conserve money I was going to really stick around my place this weekend with the two exceptions of going to church Saturday and Sunday.  It's been interesting, I sure come up with ways to entertain myself.

Friday I had this idea; I was thinking about ways to make money and that I should try to use the best tools I have.  So why not make money from something I like to do? Writing.  Now my idea is a bit scary but it's worth entertaining.  My idea was to do a devotional book; yeah - crazy huh?  I don't normally like devotionals most of the time because they aren't really applicable.  Everything seemed to be aimed at ages younger or older than I.  It's an idea I want to let stew; I won't have the time to seriously study and devote for this until next year.  I called Dani and talked to her about it and how I could incorporate other people I know, their experiences, and tap into their viewpoints to give it a very wide and interesting flavor.  Ultimately it would be aimed at people around my ago.

Other than that I've been writing a bit and watching TV and making total use of my Netflix and knitting.  I did have a run in with another one of those freaking huge roaches; currently it's trapped under a candle car in the middle of my livingroom because it's still alive.  Yes, I'm wimpy when it comes to these roaches; they're huge! If it doesn't die soon, I'm calling Billy and I'll let him deal with it.  :P  He did offer!

I did learn that the Tool Academy is back for a second season!  It's another one of my terrible, horrible tv show that I get pulled into liking.  I don't kow, maybe it's just how watching it makes me realize there are people like that out there.  I just watch it for the train wreck it becomes at times; towards the end last season the last few episodes I watched got less drama filled, but it's still very entertaining.

Apparently I'm knitting a throw, or maybe it's a full sized blanket.  Either way, I'm not quite sure.  I have this huge thing of run of the mill acrylic yarn and some time ago I started knitting it; only I knitted like 100 stitches on a line! Yeah.  That's quite a bit - equates to about a 66 inch long strand.  Yup - a little over five feet.  It's going to take me ages to get it done, and even then it's not exactly soft and cuddly, which is why I'm thinking that if I keep it, it should be a throw blanket or something.  Perhaps I should give it away.  I wanna find some chocolate colored yarn to do a border and perhaps tie in some of it here and there; light blue and chocolate - good combo, right?  Doubt I'll be done with it anytime soon but it'll be a fun winter project to haul around with me.  Eventually it'll be nice and warm to work on in the winter.  For now it just makes my left hand hurt holding all that to knit it.

Watching the second season of Dexter now - have I ever mentioned how messed up this show is?  Yet I still like it.  Go figure!

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