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Vacations are Like Granades

I totally failed and didn't "publish" the last post before I went on my vacation, so it's a double poster today.  Anyways - I'm rather sure vacations that include strange road trips don't do anything good for you health wise; for several days I was limited by what I could choose to eat due to being subject to the whims of cyclists.  Now if you are not acustomed to the strange eating habits of ultimate cyclists, let it be known their eating habits along with everything else about them is just plain strange!  My mother and her friend were out to attempt the Last Chance 1200k (right at 752 miles) in under 70 or 60 hours; a lofty goal.  Now my mother isn't really human, she's some strange bio-engineered thing that didn't pass on those genes to me for which I'm very bitter about.  She only slept about three hours in three days while she did this race.  She is crazy.  And, cyclists are just as crazy about what they eat.  They track calories and content and are very conscious of the foods in gas stations that contain the calories they need - these are not the kinds of foods someone who is attempting to restrict their calories and lower their weight should even blink at.  In addition we were leaving Texas with some pretty hefty time restrictions; roughly 16 hours allotted for the 15 hour drive - I think I got us there with an hour and a half to spare because I'm awesome like that.  That also meant that Tuesday when we left I ate like, two Chickfila chicken buttermilk buscuits; I never intended those to be all I'd eat in 24 hours.  The rest of the adventerous vacation was much like that; a bagle here, a busicuit when I got to my friend's place after they'd cleaned up breakfast, dinner twelve hours later, lunch the next day, a pitifully late dinner, a day full of junk-food eating while babysitting my friend who decided to chug vodka (I don't understand that, really), and two days of one real fast-food meal supplimented by gas-station rations.  I did drink a heck of a lot of water and was really glad I brought tea with me because it kept me from drinking any Dr Peppers until the trip home - okay, I had raspberry Izzys but those are sooooo gooooooood!

I may attempt to swear off Dr Pepper altogether; I don't like the idea, but it's probably good for me.  Might try diluting my tea as well and slowly backing off the sugar.  I don't like that idea - tea is like the best thing about some of my days.

My vacation in and of it's self was very fun.  I got to see people I grew up with, people I write online with and old college friends.  I also decided to go from a confused red-head to a brunette.  I had sort of reddish hair with a few highlights that were a raspberry pink and several hidden locks of blond hair with a fringe of blond in my bangs; now it's all deep, dark chocolate brown.  It's a bit drastic but I like it; it'll also be cheaper to maintain - but I still need a haircut.

This week is going to be super crazy n' all.  Tradeshow starts next weekend and I need to rebound from this Colorado trip big-time.  Tonight I have set aside for washing clothes, grocery shopping and watching some Office before really making demands on my time the other nights. 

37 pounds over target weight.

  • Light Yogurt
  • Nature Valley granola nut clusters
  • mug of green tea, diluted and with sugar

  • Half a filet of salmon - with catchup - it's about the only way I eat any fish, smothered in catchup
  • Green beans - I swear the way the cafe makes them, they can't be healthy
  • Potatoes - these were probably really unhealthy, didn't even eat half of what they gave me but they were uber good
  • it should probably be noted the cafe gives far too much food and I usually always eat half or a little less and save the rest for the next day.  Today I really wanted the deep fried chicken fingers :(  But I got the fish instead.
  • mug of green tea, diluted and with sugar
  • Dr Pepper - totally forgot I'd sworn them off - so much for self control
  • Itallian panninni - not healthy, it's like 600 calories alone
  • half a serving size of original Pringles
So I need to get my eyes checked, things are starting to be all fuzzy.  I'm walking through the grocery store and squinting at stuff; sort of miserable and trying to figure out how I'd pay for an eye exam, new lenses for my glasses and contacts.  That's a hefty price to pay!  It's rather sad that a person can work a normal, salary job, and yet still cannot pay for life in general.  It's rediculous and depressing that I can have a respectable job and yet cannot be self-sufficient.  I even have a financial planner that looks over things for me and verifies that I'm not like spending my money foolishly - I just have some particular expenses I guess.  Ug, and on that note, I will go to bed.

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