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Getting Knitty During Lunch!

First - I dislike when lunch comes around and I'm not really hungry - but I know I need to eat now or not at all. There's very little left in my apartment to eat and just about nothing besides overy-sugary granola bars that fit for breakfast so I scampered into work today without anything in my tummy besides some lovely tea.  An hour and a half into the work-day I was totally drooping and in a meeting and recalled - I hadn't eaten! Well duh I was going to loose gas to power on.  So I grabed one of the incredibly yummy-yet-totally-not-good-for-me Chocolate Muffins - 600 calories, thank you very much!  I'll just promise myself that tonight I'll ride the bike before I head over to Courtney's for an impromptu girl's night.  Should be interesting to get through all that Cowboys traffic - I'm sort of dreading this...

Anyways - onward!

I think I've talked about this a few times before  :P  Actually - I know I've talked about it, but I have yet to talk about my knitting goals or anything just quite yet.  I'm still learning but thanks to having read The Friday Night Knitting Club I poked around and actually found two knitting shops in the metroplex; granted getting to either will be a task for a Saturday a piece as they're sort of restrained as far as the hours - but oh well!  Both websites lead me to believe they have people there who are capable of helping someone who needs some pointers!

While I want to be able to knit lots of cute things (such as adorable Marvin dolls from Hitchhiker's Guide, courtesy of OhMyStars.net), I'm going to focus on functionality for the time being.  I have a friend that aspires to have dreadlocks again and his birthday isn't for many more months - which leaves me time to learn how to knit hats and make him a rasta hat!  Granted in my search for the perfect pattern I've found quite a few I want to learn to knit just for the heck of it!

Something like Calorimetry would be a good first step; my hair's getting far too long to put into a hat and this design would allow me to keep my head warm and not fuss with my silly hair.

I think anyone who knows me knows that I like old things made new; the Chapeau Marnier pattern makes me think of the 20's or something.  I don't know that I'd actually wear the hat unless I cut my hair, but it's super cute and I want to learn how to make it!

I could see me making the Couvercle hat for other people, and maybe one myself!  But mostly for like guy friends or my brother Patrick; I think he'd dig this hat if I made him one.  He's partial to grays, which I think this would do great in a charcoal.  We'll see....

I have yet to find a good rasta hat pattern, but the one on Knitty for the Pecan Pie Beret looks awfully close; lengthen the bulk of it and it could work.  I'd need the advice of someone with more experience.

Anyways, I've also had it requested by a few people I learn how to make socks or knitted slippers so after I learn hats I'll see about footwear...  I also saw a nifty pattern somewhere for a laptop cozy - which doesn't look particularly hard and I think could be a useful item to know how to knit.  I'm not sure but my left hand might be swollen from all the knitting yesterday - then again it could just be that it's the same hand I broke and never went to see a doctor about; the knuckle's never looked right since then!  It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just a bit bigger.

Also going to set aside time over the next few weeks to do some character and world building for my NaNo; I think I have a really great idea but if I don't have a good foundation for the world or who the characters really are it'll flounder.  I need to give everything depth so that when I'm grasping for straws I'll have something to leap to; some explanation of why the social or religious system works the way it does.

I've realized my default time on Blogger is all sorts of not correct, but I don't have time to figure it out.  Lunch break almost over! Gotta scram.

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