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those "ah-ha!" moments

I was laying awake in bed last night for a short period and came up with an interesting idea for a short story.  It could possibly be a novel but I don't particularly want to invest in this story all that much.  It's not my preferred style and would require a lot of research to make it believable so I think I'll gloss over the details and make it a short story.

The whole idea centered on the thoughts I was having at the time; as a girl - I ponder possibilities of my future, doing something fun, new or exciting, meeting Mr Right, and so forth.  Well that's where the idea started.  I have a silly crush on someone I hardly know and I very much doubt there's any substance to the interest but I can't really squash it so it's there and I think about the possibilities sometimes.  This is where I branched off into the story-teller "what-if's?"  The idea centers around a woman who is so submerged in her imaginary fantasies with these people she doesn't really know that when one event happens that crushes her, she begins to take everything out on these real people - who are not the people she has imagined them to be.  Ultimately it's a mystery, crime-solving type of piece that will be interesting to write once I have the characters and perspectives penned down but that'll probably be my weekend project after I finish some other odds and ends.

I am working on being more faithful through tithing to my church.  There's a lot of stuff I should do better but I really felt convicted about my finances - which I stress over regularly if you know me at all.   I'm not particularly money savvy and I know it so I am over cautious that I don't become careless to the point you probably don't realize I"m terrible with numbers.  Confused yet?  LoL  Anyways, I tithed first and payed my bills second and I'm not worried about lasting until my next paycheck; it'll be okay regardless.  I know everything's taken care of and all I really have to worry about is making my food last and even then I am pretty sure I have enough food in my pantry to last me.  Now that the hot months are over my electricity bill should be lower at least so that'll give me a bit more wiggle room - right?

So this weekend will be spent at home knitting the bit of yarn I have at my disposal, finishing Code Geas hopefully, the second season of Dexter, my new Mercedes Lackey book, and cleaning up my place - well, doing laundry - Amanda came over and cleaned with me.  I am super grateful to her and Courtney; they're awesome friends.

OH! I found a dead roach this morning - they're dying and I'm celebrating.  Am I a terrible person?  I need to probably scrub down my counter-tops tonight and I'd like to disinfect my floors.

Regardless, this next seven days will consist of a lot of staying home and being lazy - which after the last few weeks - I'm okay with.  I should also get back to working out.  Might even try out riding my mom's old bike!  *gasp*  If you never hear from me - I probably had an accident.....

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