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Surprise, Surprise!

So two things first....

1. It's Banned Books Week.  Did you know that? I didn't!  That truely surprised me.  If I had known I probably would have participated or something.  Unfortunatly most of the week is now gone... I'll put it on my calendar for next year!

2.  Free Theater Night kicks off in October.  I'm fairly excited about this!  I'm lucky I live in the metroplex where there's a lot of options but apparently there's not shows everywhere.  However, should you live around some of the areas where there are shows - make the most out of this opportunity!  The one show I want to see however is on a Thursday - which is our weekly Office watching party.  Maybe we could skip it and watch the episode online instead after going to the Watertower Theater.

I did not get over to the fabric store because I walked out, got in my lovely Jeep - and it didn't start - at all.  Now if you known me long you're probably acquainted with my multiple car issues.  This time I was actually completely cool, calm and collected; that NEVER happens.  Normally I cry, freak out, etc.  This time I pop'd the hood, poured some coke on the battery, called a friend - Courtney Rocks! - who could spare some time to come help me and got my hands dirty.  I got a jump and my jumper cables literally come apart - but the car started!  Courtney follows me to Wal-Mart and we get the battery changed and do a bit of grocery shopping.  We set off on our seperate ways and I call my mom - and realize my Check Engine light is still on; great - more care issues.  I'm hoping to take tomorrow as a work from home day and get my car in a shop.  Now I'm on the phone with my mother and I learn that my dad is having surgery - a rather serious throat surgery at that - the day before my sister's court date.  My sisters mother and her husband cannot be in the courtroom or anywhere near it.  However, someone needs to take my dad home from the hospital and someone needs to be with my sister - thus my mom and I will have to split up and do the family duty.  I nominate myself for a guilt-free five minute pity party.

So I said in my last blog that I would look into the whole Rachael Ray recipes and what not.  I spent a few minutes looking over her site and printed off like nine recipes I'm going to be trying!  I think the first is going to be the Maple-Bacon-Monte-Cristo... Is it lunch time yet? Nope  :(  Oh well!  Going to cook Tilapia before The Office and document it so I can share with my bachelor friends  ~__^

I started reading Bitesize Theology; the concept of the book is what hooked me.  I've had dreams about retiring from whatever I do for the next 50 years and teach like at a community college or something elective courses.  I want to try to write up like an every-day person's crash course in Theology and whatnot.  Like what stuff looks like in the real world with real people language that anyone could understand.  Of course this is coming from me who does things best with a hands-on view so if this ever actually happened - you just know that would be one crazy class!  Maybe I should write a book? Nah - I'm not scholarly enough.

Anyways - I'm going to eat dinner, do some stuff and we'll see what happens.

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