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Reporting from Telemetry!: Adventures in the Hospital! - Part 4

Telemetry, which to my ears sounds like taxidermy.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I need sleep, right?

I left the hospital last night and went home with the intention of going to bed. I read. you can imagine how well I am today after yet another night spent mostly not sleeping.  I apparently want to be the next person in need of medical attention.

There wasn't much change to my dad's state during the day.  A few tests were run but they were still saying that he would probably get released this evening.  Mid-afternoon I was requested to come back up to the hospital so I gathered up my work things and here I am!

Sonograms are good for things other than seeing little gray blobs that might be a baby swimming in a woman's stomach.  You can also watch blood vessels as they pump away.  There's something not right about one of the vessels that runs up the back of my dad's brain; there are two main ones back there and it's not abnormal for a person to have an underdeveloped one.  So at first they didn't think it was that big of a deal but then the doctor saw a bit of brightness.  Brightness in darkness apparently on these things is a bad thing.

In short, it looks like there is a blood clot in my dad's brain that could have caused some damage in the rest of his vessels that they previously decided was normal wear and tear. 

*Insert Cid Freaking Out Silently While Smiling As If Nothing Is Wrong*

The doctor informs us that this is not major.  That there is absolutly nothing to worry about.

Ya-huh, you just told me there's a freaking bomb in my dad's head, that's what it sounds like!

*Cid is still calm, cool and collected*

They say he doesn't necessarily even need treatment after some things they're going to do here.  However, they could put him on Coumadin.  This is something like a treatment and way of life.  I don't fully understand right now but it would make my dad something of a free-bleeder.  This sounds really bad to me. Why? Because my dad is still very active.  He rides horses, he handles cattle, he wields knives and guns and does stuff that could cause bruises or cuts to happen - which could make him bleed to death under the wrong circumstances.  Right now we're discussing what to do next.  Still have a smile on my face, things are going to be okay, but I'm a little freaked out right now.

2 thoughts:

Maddox and Shelby on mom's blogspot said...

Coumadin sounds scarier than it is. The spouse was on quite a large dose, and we never had a lick of trouble and he was active outdoors, hunting, this and that. Before doing dental work they'd take him off it for a set time, do their thing then go forward.

Carolyn, who says get some sleep!

Cid said...

Well that is good to hear! We're concerned about some of the medicines he's not supposed to take along with it so the doctors and pharmacy are all putting their heads together. Thanks though for the info! It's good to hear about it.

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