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Girl Talk Thursday: Fashion. (picture heavy)

Fashion... right, okay, I can do this one!  Lets talk about Cid and fashion, since this is a timely post as I am currently attempting to wheedle down on the absurd bulk of stuff in my closet.  When I was little fashion was ~ whatever mommy picked out.  Jr high and high school it was sort of a whatever-is-different-or-not-cool phase.  In college my fashion extended to wearing the same pair of jeans and a band tshirt every day.

And then somewhere along the line I met my gay man.  That's another story in and of it's self, not for this time.  If you can believe it, shopping with guys was what finally turned me into a fashion literate person; that and watching lots of bad fashion shows when I could afford cable.

Some time ago I decided I really wanted to be rockabilly/retro kinda hot.  I mean that's Bernie-freaking-Dexter!  She does a lot of rockabilly modeling stuff.  I really like the hair, the clothes, the super retro style and everything about it.  If I could 'choose' to be a style or fashion, I would love to dress rockabilly every freaking day!  This was really what I wanted to 'be' when I graduated college and finally got a real job.  I did entertain the idea of dressing this way and even had that sort of pin-up a-la-Bettie-Paige hairstyle for a while, though mine was more red.  And then life happened.  Do you know how long it takes to style rockabilly hair?  Or how expensive and hard it is to find 'rockabilly' clothing?  It's just too much effort.  Seriously.  I'm not pretty enough to spend that much time on how I look every day.  And, to be honest, I'm not that good with putting up with uncomfortable clothing.

My idea of fashion now?  Jeans, my comfy Target jeans, and a cute/fun shirt and flat shoes.  Maybe a sweater if I don't want to get ogled as the Tattoo'd Wonder.  I love my tattoos, but they aren't exactly dressy sometimes and I like my sweaters! (apparently I own 15 of them in different colors and designs!)  The thing I'm really jonesing after, is being able to be comfortable and confident in what I'm wearing.  I don't think it matters so much what I wear anymore as much as how I feel wearing it.  Yeah, there are things I wear that I like and I think are fashionable.  I have a whole collection of headbands and jewelry I like to accessorize with, but I don't wear it if I'm not comfortable dangit!

Still not clear on what I'm talking about?  *sigh* I GUESS I'll have to communicate with pictures  :P

Starting from the feet up.  If I'm going to lust after one shoe, it'll be anything made by Naughty Monkey.  They're about $100 a pair, I have two, but they're the most comfortable shoe I've worn in my life next to converse.  Aren't these HOT shoes?

I wear a lot of jeans.  Target has hooked me on these jeans.  I think they're that Mossimo brand, they're women's and they're amazing.  Not high waisted and not the fall-off-my-butt hiphuggers, but a nice middle ground.  They do stretch so ladies, if you want that tight arse look - wash and dry often.
Spring and summer I wear dresses more frequently, and I like to show off my tattoos.  Hey!  I got'em might as well share them!  I'm developing a small collection of mostly sleeveless dresses.  I don't think I have anything strapless like this one, though I'm awfully tempted to go buy it this weekend.....
Okay, so my #1 thing to wear in the summer: tanctops!  I adore tanctops.  Okay, I don't have like, amazingly taunt arms or anything, I have a tattoo sleeve, but in Texas you just want to not be stuck wrapped up in clothing.  I especially gravitate to things like the third one which could easily have a sweater tossed over it to be considered "work appropriate" - those are always my favs.  I'm really digging this loose trend.  I've gained weight, I've never been a twig so that fashionable flowy look really appeals to me.
Speaking of sweaters, I like them either plan or patterned.  And yes, I own a gray and black leopard print sweater I love.  If you don't love it, shut up. I do! Sweaters are really great because they're versatile and useful.  I think I'm always lugging a sweater around with me.
I have a massive tshirt collection.  Seriously.  Most of them are like the one on the left; very artistic.  I hardly ever wear something like the one on the right.  I do not wear ones with like, sayings or logos on them, but I like this skull and crossbones one, because, well - it's a skull and crossbones!
This whole vest thing, totally love it!  I've bought three vests that I don't wear too terribly often, but I really like them!  They're fun and just give an outfit a little something else.

No outfit is complete in my opinion without accessories.I have two drawers in my dresser devoted to necklaces.  I have gauged ears so I don't wear normal ear rings, but necklaces I do wear!  I always love pearl anything, but I really like this sort of mix-and-match artistic thing going on like in the picture on the left.  I also like really long necklaces that dangle.
Lastly, one of my true loves ~ Loungefly bags.  I don't really stick to the whole sub-culture fashion anymore, but there's just something about a Loungefly bag that suckers me in.  I own two, both I paid a pretty penny for and if I could find this one in a store I would probably buy it and it's matching wallet too!
So there you have it.  Things Cid does not need, but wants.  I'm something of an eclectic now I think as far as fashion and clothing goes, but I'm okay with that!

6 thoughts:

Miss Grace said...

One of my good friends has managed to maintain her rockabilly-ness, even with single parenthood, full-time job, etc. It blows my mind.

I'm lucky if I shower every day.

I love the look, but WAY too much effort for someone as lazy as myself.

Cid said...

Oh wow, she sounds amazing, but I'm far too lazy for that!!! LOL

tara said...

i love that strapless dress. where'd you find it?

Cid said...

It's from Old Navy! I'm seriously considering going to buy it after work.... With a gray sweater over it I could wear it to work even!

Tatiana said...

I had never heard of "Naughty Monkey" before, but now? NOW? THOSE SHOES? The little ballerina flats? I need them.

I have to admit, I should probably wear more of the loose tanks -- I go for fitted ones right now and it kinda makes me look chubby. But I like fitted stuff. Go figure.

Cid said...

I discovered Naughty Monkey purely by accident. I think I was at the Buckle, I've been in love with them ever since.

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