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Epic Closet Cull 2010 - War Council

Okay, so I have a really big closet.  I also have a lot of clothes.  Said large closet is full of enough stuff I have quite literally lost count of exactly what it is I own.  I decided back in December when I set goals for this year that I wanted to cull the contents of my closet/dresser by 10% and that I would make use of a holiday weekend to complete this project.

April 1st - today - is the launching of said Epic Closet Cull.

I have a spread sheet that I have color coded and printed out to help me tally up how many articles of different types of clothing I have.  Yes, I really have!  What?  You think I'm joking?  Pft - here's proof!!

Seriously.  My ideal time-line will be:
  • Thursday Night: Organize closet into groupings of clothes.  If possible, start on Dresser.
  • Friday: Tackle the Dresser!  Start on the closet, hopefully get half done.
  • Saturday afternoon: Get the second half of the closet done.
  • Sunday: Say goodbye to 10% of my clothes, maybe more.
I'll probably be twittering a lot of pictures asking opinions on keeping or tossing stuff and posting lots of pictures.  I also plan on finding stuff I've long since forgotten about!

Wish me luck tonight.

5 thoughts:

pamela said...

tons of luck!!!

you found that cute top last time, remember?

Cid said...

I did! Heck, I found a pair of pants this morning I really don't remember ever buying! And I'll probably have a lot of stuff up for grabs if people want it - or I might do an ebay auction lot for some extra $$$ I'll decide when I see what there is to get rid of.

Dallas said...

do ur thing kid!

Micah said...

Good luck! But one question... what's a shrugg?

Cid said...

Silly Micah. This is a shrug:


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