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Reporting from ICU: Adventures in the Hospital! - Part 2

I think hospitals want to discourage people from visiting.  The whole place is freezing.  The chairs are uncomfortable, and if you thought they were uncomfortable, wait until you try to sleep in them.  They're worse.

So far I slept for about fifteen minutes laying on the floor.  I put my head down on the doctors desk in my dads room and slept for another fifteen to twenty minutes.  And then I got smart and pushed chairs together in the waiting room! (The floor was too cold by this point) I've been dozing for about an hour and a half - and it is not pleasant.  I feel worse than when I tried to sleep in the first place! And super intelligent me forgot her contact case and glasses back at the apartment.  Genius I tell you!

At 8am, we know nothing more other than they want to move him to the second floor, which is called something like taxidermy, but not.  They aren't going to be stuffing my dad to get rid of his problems!  We're on the Nuro ICU floor now; they moved him here first because it's the worst-case-scenario-best-place-to-be. But he's not worst-case-scenario, he's best-case-scenario, so we get to go to taxidermy!  But not yet.  It's 8am and I'm bleary eyed and just getting the feeling back into my toes.

My mom got here around 3am and is currently sawing logs like no one's business, but she probably cycled several hundred miles yesterday so she really deserves some sleep.

10am now.  Dad is in having an MRI and MRA right now.  We have been informed that he won't be going home until Tuesday and that because of his preexisting heart condition there is some serious risk of bleeding and other heart complications.  However, he seems to be doing really great so even though there are some new concerns and stuff he's going to need to be tested and kept on watch for we're staying positive.

Noon!  We think he's had the MRI and MRA....  Just got to watch him have an ultrasound on his neck.  That was kinda cool.  Making plans for the next few days so that either my mom or I are here and making provisions so I can work from the hospital.  About to head home for more necessities and then come straight back!

2 thoughts:

Suzan Isik said...

I'm glad things are working out for the better. Saying prayers for you and your family.


You know how to contact me if you need to.

Catherine Gayle said...

I'm still praying for you and your family. And RE the cold - ask the nurse if they can bring you a blanket! They keep it pretty cold because the doctors and nurses are moving around a lot, but if you're just sitting--BRR. They brought my mom blankets when she was waiting with me. I bet they'll bring you one too.

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